No Longer Supporting Appboy

Mag+ will be removing support for Appboy with our April iOS product update. With this iOS update, scheduled for April 5th, 2016, the Appboy SDK will no longer be available to implement into your newly generated app builds on or after this date. 

For existing users who have the Appboy SDK already built into their live app, the Appboy features will continue to function for now. However, it is important to remember if you generate a new build on or after April 5th to submit an app update, Appboy will be removed. We will also be removing the Appboy API key field from the Mag+ Publish Portal at a later date, but this will remain available for now so you can prepare before updating your app. If you would like to remove Appboy from your current live app without updating, you can simply remove the key from the Appboy API key filed in Publish. 

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    Mitch Hagy

    I still see the Appboy plugin within the builds. Available - not available? We want to be able to utilize Appboy for iOS 10 rich push notifications. Thanks.

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