6.2 Release Notes (04/05/2016)

This article covers release notes for the mag+ 6.2 updates.  Released 04/05/2016

iOS Apps and Designd Reviewer App version 6.2

Build 62D131 Changes:

  • Customizable Slideshow indicator colors (see Plugin notes below for more details)
  • Added new translation string for low storage notification:
           "MIB_DECOMPRESS_FAILED_LOW_SPACE_F" = "Not enough space to extract issue. Go to settings and free up at least %@."
  • Update Ad Marvel to 3.4.0 from 3.3.3
  • Update Google Mobile Ads to 7.7.0 from 7.6.0
  • Update Flurry to 7.5.2 from 7.5.0
  • Update Localytics to 3.8.0 from 3.7.0
  • Removed support for Appboy (see announcement for more details)
  • Removed MIB Issue version compatibility warning message (6.2 apps will no longer display warning when a future MIB version is loaded)
  • iOS Simulator 6.2 Reviewer - https://magplus.box.com/iosreviewer620

Build 62D131 Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for stopped audio resuming on app relaunch
  • Fix for HTML blocks not rendering in share setting screenshot

Designd Plugin version 6.2


  • Added Slideshow indicator color options for both the current slide indicator dot and all other slide indicator dot colors to the sSlideshow feature (including transparency values)
  • Added one new Multi-Device Export rule to Designd Vertical panel
    Center Page Scale - will scale both layers using the page scale rule, centers the B-Layer scaling instead of using the page origin
  • Updated sample scripts with new export rules
  • Added new menu item for 'Export Rule' to the Folder Multi-Device Export feature for customizing the Multi-Device Export rule. Previously only 'Layer Scale' was used, which is the now the default setting

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in the Multi-Device Export sample script. File object is now required
  • Fixed bug with the Rule element XML in the Multi-Device Export script event
  • Updated Multi-Device Export sample script to fix error reporting
  • Changed 'iPad Push Address' to 'Review Device Push Address'
  • Added some tool tips that were missing

Designd Production Tool version 6.2


  • Removed support for additional languages besides English
  • Improved support for working with synced drives
  • Further speed/performance improvements for the automatic preview image refresh on export feature


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