5.0 - 5.7 Plugin Release Notes Archive

Version 5.7

Released 9/1/2015


  • Added the 5.7 MIB format.
  • Added 'Share Linked Image' checkbox to the Object panel. Enabled when the 'Use Linked Image' checkbox is selected.
  • Added 'Share File' checkbox next to the file path box in the Object panel for Media object type. Checkbox is enabled when the Source Type is File.
  • Updated the MIB format so that the 'img' and 'media' elements have a 'shared-asset' attribute when the respective checkbox is enabled.

Version 5.6.1

Released 8/4/2015


  • Added Photoshop CC 2015 support to "Downscale Images Using Photoshop" in Settings panel.
  • Disabled the 'Use Linked Image' checkbox when a grouped object is selected.  Grouped image will always be generated as single image by the Plugin.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug and changed export behavior for the local shared assets feature. Will now share assets only if MIB format is 5.60 or later. 
  • Changed the behavior of the PDF page number, will no longer set minimum MIB version. Will only add the attribute if the MIB format is 5.60 or later.
  • Fix for '5.40 MIB converted to 5.60'. The 'PDF-page-number' attribute was added for a block which didn't have 'Use Linked Image' checked.

Version 5.6

Released 7/7/2015


  • Added a "fade-in" transition type for slideshows.
  • Added a transition duration for the "fade-in" transition type.
  • Support for the 5.60 MIB format.
  • Will now only export one copy of any assets that are used multiple times in a single vertical, including audio files, video files, PDFs and images with the Use Linked Image box checked in the Object pallette.
  • Now exporting the PDF page number when a PDF is placed in a standard block, "Use Linked Image" box is checked in the Object pallette and a page number is specified in "Import Options"; this ensures only the placed page will be exported instead of the entire PDF.

Version 5.5.1

Released 6/16/2015


  • Added a Additional Options section to the New MagPlus Vertical dialog box. Currently the new section adds support for TOC verticals.
  • Added support for Adobe CC15.

Bug fixes:

  • Removed the HTML Text feature from the CS4 and CS5 versions of InDesign as it is not supported for those versions.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in doubled text when exporting HTML Text with the Text Frame selected.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared on June 13, 2015 in which the Mag+ panels in all versions of InDesign for Mac OS X displayed as blank panels. While the cause of the bug is still unknown, the panels in 5.5.1 have been rebuilt to solve this problem.

Version 5.5

Released 6/2/2015


  • Adding the 5.50 MIB format.
  • Adding the HTML Text block type, which allows you to export text as live text rather than as images of text. For more information, see article Exporting Text as Live Text.
  • Added scripting support for the HTML Text block type.
  • Added enhanced slideshow support. The following additional block types are now supported in slideshows:
    • PDF
    • Ad
    • InDesign Tagged Text
    • HTML Text
    • Control Image
  • Added support for custom device types in the New MagPlus Vertical dialog.
  • Added loading of a custom device types xml definitions file at launch.
  • Updated the MDE Export script to convert a InDesign Text Block to an HTML Text Block when exporting from iOS to Android.

Version 5.4

Released 5/5/2015


  • Adding the 5.40 MIB format.
  • If the default template file is missing when running the New Mag+ Vertical command, an alert dialog will now appear stating the error. Previously nothing happened.
  • Now when using the on/off button in the Mag+ Vertical dialog to enable/disable Mag+ in an InDesign document, the Guides layer is also created and the Transition Guides layer is only created if the document is not a TOC.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the error dialog appears: "type error: null is not an object" when running Multi Device Export with a document that contains an InDesign page item with the rotate or transformation features active.
  • Fixed a bug where the New Mag+ Vertical dialog didn't work for the Kindle Fire HD 7 or Kindle Fire HD 8.9 device types.
  • Fixed abug where the New Mag+ Vertical dialog created a new document with incorrect page guides for the following versions:
    • CS6 - iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus device types.
    • CS5.5 - iPadiPad Retina, and iPhone 6 device types.
    • CS5 - iPad, iPad Retina, Android Phone 1280x720, and Android Tablet 2560x1600 device types.
    • CS4 - Android Phone 1184x720 , Android Phone 1280x720, Android Tablet 1280x800, andAndroid Tablet 2560x1600 device types.
  • Additional template fixes.
  • Fixed a bug with Folder Multi-Device Export script wherein placing the iPad retina template in a folder named 'Apple iPad' and then doing Folder MDE results in a crash.

Version 5.3.1

Released: 4/7/2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a problem where slideshows would not render properly if created on a Popup layer. [ZD# 19468]
  • Adds a missing Transitions layer to the iPhone 5 templates.
  • Fixes a potential issue where slideshows would not display properly when they were created on the right-hand side of the screen. This issue could have also affected objects set to pan or zoom.


  • Adds a "New Mag+ Vertical…" command to the Mag+ menu and the File > New submenu in InDesign. This command allows users to create a new Mag+ Vertical document based on a device template, specify the number of pages it will contain, and to specify the Vertical ID and Vertical Name. For more information, please read the article "Creating a New Mag+ Vertical Document Using the Mag+ Menu."
  • Makes slight changes to the Mag+ menu to include the "New Mag+ Vertical…" command.
  • Allows InDesign keyboard shortcuts to be assigned to items in the Mag+ menu, Mag+ Object panel, and Mag+ Vertical panel. For more information on how to add keyboard shortcuts to InDesign,please refer to the Adobe Help documentation.
  • Adds scripting support for the "New Mag+ Vertical…" command.
  • Adds the sample script "MagPlusMenu.jsx" to the Sample Scripts folder.

Version 5.3.0

Released: 3/9/2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a number of issues related to Multi-Device Export:
    • Knockback and Background Vertical colors were not copied. [ZD #18433]
    • A font error could occur while processing a Retina-only export. [ZD #10335/#10336]
    • An error could result while processing grouped text threads. [ZD# 11760]
    • An error could occur when processing a Table of Contents (TOC) document. [ZD# 16396]


  • Now supports exporting in 5.3 MIB format.
  • Supports the 5.3 Mag+ Production Tool.
  • Enhanced Slideshows are now supported. This allows Popups, Web & Jump Links, and Videos to be embedded in a slideshow. For more information, please read the article "Creating Slideshows in InDesign."
  • Sample scripts have been updated.
  • License terms have been updated from the Jan 2015 license.
  • Adds support for copying Swatches during Multi-Device Export. All RGB swatches are now imported into new device documents if they don't already exist.
  • Now checks previous and next frame pointers when relinking threaded frames during Multi-Device Export.

Version 5.2.3

Released: 1/8/2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Mag+ Plugin for Mac InDesign CC (Version 9.x) will now launch on OS X 10.6.8. Previously it required OS X 10.7.
  • Fixes a problem serving 1x images for iPhone 4/5 with MIB version 5.1 and earlier which allows those MIBs to be served to Android smartphones. MIB version 5.2 and later is 2x for iPhone 4-6 and 3x for iPhone 6+.


  • Adds a new libcurl library for Windows.
  • Adds support for 'Triggers' on Hotspots. Triggers are what forces the Hotspot's action (whether it is to call a Link, Popup, etc). Documentation about Popups, Links, etc has been updated to provide information on Triggers. By default, Hotspot Triggers are set to 'On Tap' but the following options are available:
    • On Tap: When the user taps the Hotspot.
    • In View: When the Hotspot comes into view on the device.
    • Out of View: When the Hotspot exits view on the device.
    • Shake: When the user shakes the device while the Hotspot is in View.
    • None: No trigger; the Hotspot is only activated by another Link.
  • Scripting support added for Trigger feature.
  • Hotspot Highlight Color has been added as a property to Hotspots in the scripting DOM.
  • Hotspot Highlight Color Transparency has been added as a property to Hotspots in the scripting DOM.
  • HTML Window has been added as a valid option for the Hotspot Type in the scripting DOM.
  • Sample scripts have been updated for Page items.
  • New license terms in effect for 2015: Mac and Windows installers feature the new license.

Version 5.2.2

Released: 12/2/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a bug in the PDF Import script where cached values would be displayed in the "Number of Pages" field if the PDF could not be parsed.


  • Adds an alert dialog which will be displayed when selecting a PDF that cannot be parsed. If a PDF cannot be parsed, it is possible that required tags in the file are missing. For more information on how to add the missing tags, please read the article "Troubleshooting - PDF Import Script Error."
  • Adds support for converting InDesign Tagged Text blocks to normal blocks in Multi-Device Export.
  • Restores 1x images for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 devices in the 5.1 MIB format and earlier, allowing those MIBs to be served to Android smartphones.
Note: The 5.2 MIB format uses 2x images for iPhone 4, 5, and 6 and 3x images for iPhone 6+ in order to provide higher resolution support on those devices. 5.2 iPhone MIBs cannot be served to Android devices. Therefore, a separate MIB upload is required to serve content to those devices. For more information on MIB and device compatibility, please read the article "Reference - Device and Issue Compatibility."

Version 5.2.1

Released: 11/4/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a bug present in the updater.
  • Fixes a bug when canceling the "Select Folder" dialog presented by the "Browse" and "Folder" buttons.


  • Folder Export script updated to v1.0.6 so that the verticals folder is created in a consistent location. [ZD# 15774]
  • Includes iPhone 6/6+ native templates and device support.
  • Includes Kindle Fire HDX Table of Contents (TOC) templates.

Version 5.2

Released: 10/14/2014


  • New templates included for Kindle Fire HDX 7, HDX 8.9.
  • (OS X Only, Requires Acrobat Pro) A "Slice PDF" checkbox has now been added to the PDF script. Requires "Use Linked Image" checkbox to be enabled for use.
  • A new beta Popup button has been added to the Mag+ Object panel to streamline the Popup creation process. For more information, read the article "Creating Popups using the 'Popup' Button."
  • (iOS Only, Requires 5.2 iOS App) A beta of "Text as Live Text" has been included which exports marked objects as InDesign Tagged Text. This makes the resulting MIB file smaller. For more information, read the article "iOS - Saving Text as Live Text."

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where the PDF script would sometimes be unable to determine the number of pages of the imported PDF. [ZD# 17172]

Version 5.1.5

Released: 9/2/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Version 1.0.2 of the Multi-Device Export script fixes a bug where the "From" label could refer to the wrong device type.
  • A bug has been fixed with the "Automatically Check for Updates" script.
  • The Multi-Devies Export script now scales content on the "Clickable Areas" layer properly when exporting.


  • The Mag+ Vertical object can now be scripted via Applescript.
  • Miscellaneous updates have been made to the sample scripts.
  • Miscellaneous updates have been made to the installers.
  • The PDF Import script now slices a PDF into single pages when the "Use Linked Image" checkbox is checked. This feature only runs on OS X and requires Acrobat Pro to be installed.

Version 5.1.4

Released: 8/5/2014


Version 5.1.3

Released: 7/4/2014


  • Updated InDesign CC 2014 templates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with the default file path in Windows, which caused the Multi-Device Export script to fail.

Version 5.1.2

Released 7/1/2014


  • Now includes support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.
  • New Multi-Device Export/Folder scripts included.

Version 5.1.1

Released: 6/3/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Miscellaneous minor plugin fixes.


  • Now adds a Windows uninstaller.
  • Adds an "Automatically Check for Updates" feature to the scripting feature set.
  • MagPlusSettings.jsx has been updated.

Version 5.1

Released: 5/6/2014

  • The 5.1 MIB format is now available with changes for media block restart and auto play.
    • Autostart supports viewing per Vertical, per Issue.
    • Media Blocks now offer a "Restart on toggle" checkbox as part of their options.
  • A "Check for Updates" menu item has been added to allow a user to check for updates to the plugin.
  • Installer now runs the Mag+ Production Tool installer application.
  • The plugin will now automatically check for updates 7 minutes after InDesign is started.

Version 5.0.2

Released: 4/1/2014


  • Introduces a new Mag+ menu to access Mag+ panels and where PDF and Export scripts are now directly available.
  • Sample scripts changed to include 5 actual sample scripts instead of a mix of samples and real, functional scripts.
  • Updates Folder Export script to version 1.0.2 with support for additional devices.
  • Updates PDF import script.

Bug Fixes:

  • Includes miscellaneous fixes to improve reliability and functionality.

Version 5.0.1

Released: 3/6/2014

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an alert dialog that would appear when running a Multi-Device Export converting iOS layouts to Android layouts when the original contained PDF blocks.
  • When pre-5.0 documents with old Popup objects are opened, a dialog now appears asking you if you wish to convert to the latest MIB format. This solves a potential problem with Popups and the Multi-Device Export feature.
  • Fixes an issue where Table of Contents within an A-Layer would scroll past the bottom of the TOC frame.


  • Multi-Device Export now copies Basic Paragraph style attributes.
  • Minor UI enhancements and corrections.

Version 5.0

Released: 1/29/2014

Mag+ 5.0 is one the biggest releases we've had in more than a year, with upgrades to every component of the system.

As with all new versions, you can upgrade on your own schedule. You can use the new tools and still output a 4.X MIB until your app is updated.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • New Popup panel: Makes it possible to place any type of object on any of the Popup layers.
  • Minor user interface changes.


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