Publish Portal Release Notes Archive

Released: 12/08/2015

(Version 690)


  • Made Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile as an optional upload to Mag+ Publish
  • Web Export updated to v0.27.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Amazon S3 SDK to fix the bug for brands unable to update Newsstand image

Released: 11/16/2015

(Version 682)


  • Added iPad Pro MIB support
  • Other internal changes

Released: 7/7/2015

(Version 671)


  • Added new Web Export option for uploaded MIBs for all "Pro" license level customers. This enables you to create an HTML version of your MIB that you can host on your own web server for distribution to web browsers. For more information on this feature, see support article "Web Export."

Released: 4/8/2015

(Version 639)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where screen orientation settings in Apps > iOS > Build Options were not being saved. [ZD #19688]

Released: 3/4/2015

(Version 604)


  • Removes the listing of 4.4 Android builds.
  • Updates the Apple Push Notification Expiration warning email which is sent to customers 1 month prior to expiration.

Released: 2/23/2015

(Version 596)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the Certificate and Profile page, which was broken in today's earlier release.


Released: 2/20/2015

(Version 594)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a problem with a missing translation string in the user interface when saving a Subscription. This resulted in a programming string being displayed to the user as part of the confirmation message.

Released: 2/16/2015

(Version 582)

Bug Fixes:

  • Product Identifiers can no longer be changed for a subscription product if any users have purchased the subscription.

Released: 2/4/2015

(Version 580)


  • Values entered in URL fields are now encoded and the user interface will now display the encoded value below the entered value (see arrow in screenshot below).
Released: 2/4/2015

Released: 1/28/2015

(Version 571)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a bug with the brand admin invitation links introduced in the Jan 21 (version 565) release.

Released: 1/27/2015

(Version 568)


  • Full error messages are now available for display for all Issues via a "Show Details" link. Previously, users were only able to see full error messages for the last published Issue.

Released: 1/21/2015

(Version 565)


  • In the Admin tab, the spelling of the button to invite administrators to the brand has been changed to read "Send Invitation."

Released: 1/14/2015

(Version 564)


  • The Jan 8 release mistakenly allowed the logo for the top branding bar to be optional for iPhone devices. The intention was for the logo for the top branding bar to be optional only for iPad devices. Therefore, this release reinstates the requirement of the top logo branding bar for iPhone builds.
  • Now delivers iPhone 6+ resolution MIBs to iPhone 6+ devices with the "zoomed" state enabled. Previously, iPhone 6+ devices in the zoomed state were served iPhone 4 resolution MIBs.

Released: 1/8/2015

(Version 563)


  • The top logo branding bar in iOS is no longer a required image. You can access this setting at Apps > iOS > Customizations.

Released: 12/18/2014

(Version 559)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where entitlements would not work properly if an end user had multiple Mag+ iOS apps installed that were signed with the same developer account and using the same Subscription API endpoint. This was due to caching issues involved with Subscription API responses.


  • Disables the checkbox "Disable purchase of Apple subscriptions if the user is signed in" if the Subscription API is not enabled for the brand.
  • iOS Newsstand is now disabled by default for new brands.

Released: 12/15/2014

(Version 555)


  • A notice is now displayed on the MIB upload page that explains which iPhone MIBs are currently supported on Android smartphones.
  • Buttons for choosing screen orientations on the iOS build settings page now have a green background when active. This helps distinguish them from the inactive buttons (see screenshot below).
Released: 12/15/2014

Released: 12/3/2014

(Version 542)


  • Now supports building iPhone 6/6+ Single Issue Apps and Help MIBs.

Released: 11/5/2014

(Version 530)

Bug Fixes:

  • Enables builds of iOS apps with customized iPhone 6/6+ icons for Table of Contents, Bookmarks, Playlists, and Sharing.

Released: 11/4/2014

(Version 528)


  • Provides support for uploading and serving native iPhone 6/6+ MIBs.
Note: Some new images are required to build an iOS app in order to support the iPhone 6/6+. These new images are necessary even if a customer has previously built an iPhone or Universal app.

Released: 10/15/2014

(Version 505)

Bug Fixes:

  • This release addresses a problem where MIBs containing invalid unicode characters in their issue.xml files could cause a loop that prevented the processing of other MIBs in the validation queue. Customers would experience this as the Mag+ Publish Portal starting a build and never finishing. These invalid MIBs are now flagged and will not hold up background processing.

Released: 10/13/2014

(Version 502 & 503)


  • Now supports Kindle Fire HDX MIBs (2560x1600 and 1920x1200).
  • eMagazines has been renamed Oplytic in the user interface.
  • Now always displays the Notifications tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • The timeout has been fixed when changing Subscription API settings. Previously, users would receive an error message when attempting to modify the API settings. [ZD #17520]

Released: 10/6/2014

(Version 490)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where the "Notifications" tab was not visible for Android-only brands. [ZD #17429]

Released: 9/16/2014

(Version 475)


  • Minor CSS updates. More space added between rows in the app configuration menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where an iOS-only brand which added an Android app could not upload assets to the Android app. [ZD #16995]
  • Changes the link to show/hide the subscription API "publish issue" error message. Previously, it would always state "Show" instead of toggling between the two states.
  • The "Upload MIB file" URL input field is now a field with the proper width.

Released: 9/2/2014

(Version 462)


  • iPhone MIBs are now served to Android smartphone apps if no Android smartphone MIBs are uploaded. Mag+ Publish will first try to serve an iPhone 5 MIB if present, then an iPhone 4 MIB.
  • You can no longer remove the account owner as a brand admin.
  • When e-mailing a user about resetting their password, the subject line now reads "Reset Password" instead of "Forgot Password."
  • The "Upload MIB" page has been visually cleaned up.
  • The "Test Devices"page has been visually cleaned up.

Bug Fixes:

  • When a Mag+ Issue with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 MIBs is available for both Apple and Google Play, the user interface now properly shows the Issue as being available for both markets.

Released: 8/7/2014

(Version 460)


  • Fixes typos and includes minor text changes.

Released: 7/15/2014

(Version 458)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a bug where the entitlement category field was not disabled for single-issue apps.
  • Fixes an issue where having one Mag+ Subscription with both Google and Amazon product IDs and another Mag+ Subscription with only an Amazon product ID resulted in three items being displayed in Featured Content.

Released: 6/23/2014

(Version 457)


  • Allows saving partially completed Android app settings.

Released: 6/11/2014

(Version 455)


  • Banner Link help text has been added.
  • Android Build Settings will be listed as incomplete if there is no usable Keystore file.

Released: 6/10/2014

(Version 454)


  • Help text for the "Sharing" checkbox has been replaced with a more descriptive label.
  • The version number field in Android > Build Settings is now validated; up to 13 characters are allowed.

Released: 5/19/2014

(Version 437)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Google subscriptions were giving access to other brands.

Released: 5/13/2014

(Version 435)


  • The AdMob field has been removed from the live-settings page.
  • Auto-download notifications are now visible under the Notifications tab.
  • The Keystore file is now mandatory when building Android or Kindle Fire apps.
  • Errors that occur when calling the Subscription API Publish Issue endpoint are now shown under the Issues tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • The additional file URL used by SDK customers has been corrected.

Released: 5/8/2014

(Version 431)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug related to uploading of iOS translations file.
  • Fixed but that could cause a crash when publishing an issue.
  • Fixed a bug related to faulty Android color settings.

Released: 5/6/2014

(Version 429)


  • Allows user to choose which third-party SDKs are included in an app build.
  • Removes the Fiksu checkbox from Apps > Live Settings > Analytics and Marketing.
Note: Existing legacy iOS apps will still retain the existing configuration. New iOS apps will no longer have access to the FIksu setting in Apps > Live Settings > Analytics and Marketing.
  • Medialets have been removed from iOS apps.
  • Notification history will always be displayed, even after the push certificate has expired.
  • Settings for Live options have been moved into the Live tab itself, streamlining configuration.
  • Alignment of the "delete banner" checkbox has been fixed in Firefox.
  • If a user is logged in via the Subscription API, in-app subscription purchases are hidden.

Released: 4/22/2014

(Version 426)

  • Removed the "Show About Bar" option for v5.0 iOS apps. This is a 4.4-only feature.

Released: 4/16/2014

(Version 424)


  • Now handles APN device token updates of non-existent devices -- this addresses a potential problem which could lead to incorrect download counts. [ZD #14564] [TR #2017]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where the Featured Content page crashes if no app has been built. [TR #1987]

Released: 4/8/2014

(Version 416)


  • Now displays the GUID when viewing the History for uploaded issue MIBs and when viewing Help MIBs.
  • Changes Banner Link help text to more clearly describe supported link syntax. [ZD #14920]

Released: 4/1/2014

Now features a new user interface design with the following changes:

  • A thinner header space.
  • A rounded user image (managed by the Gravatar service).
  • Moves the Brand drop-down menu to the right of the user image that lets the user navigate to the Mag+ Publish home page and to log out.

Released: 3/25/2014

(Version 411)

Bug fixes:

  • Disables changing the auto-download setting for published issues. [TR #1896]
  • Removes spaces surrounding an entered analytics key. [TR #1887]


  • Allows branding bar background width for iOS 5.0 apps to be up to 2048px. [TR #1895] [ZD #14665]
  • Allows customization of Home icon for Mag+ 5.0 iPhone apps. [TR #1852]

Released: 3/21/2014

(Version 409)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes Featured Content page for iOS apps.

Released: 3/20/2014

(Version 408)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes Featured Content to include Amazon subscription products. [ZD #14666]
  • Fixes a GUID base validation to avoid potential GUID collisions between issue MIBs and help MIBs.
  • Fixes an issue where the Apps tab was not marked when selected.


  • The App Build Status table has been restyled.

Released: 3/17/2014


  • Escaped quotes (such as \' or \") are now allowed inside of text entered in iOS Application Texts files (Apps > Customizations > Application Texts). [TR #1843]
  • The progress bar has been updated for a cleaner look and experience.
  • The external link schema for an app is now visible under the Admin > General Settings page. [TR #1793]
  • App builds now marked with the company name of the builder.
  • Updated the logging of the Apple Push Notification Feedback service.

Bug fixes:

  • Google Cloud Messaging now respects the Mag+ tokens entered, allowing test messages to only be displayed on the appropriate devices. [TR #1841][ZD #14622]
  • Subscription products marked as "hidden" are no longer displayed in the "Choose Subscription window" when the "internal://subscriptions/open" jump link is used in issues. [TR #1832] [ZD #14596]

Released: 3/6/2014


  • Allows customization of the Appboy feedback icon for iOS and Android.

Released: 2/25/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where Amazon builds became single-issue builds even if the single-issue option was not enabled. [ZD #14338] [TR #1755]

Released: 2/24/2014


  • The sample Android strings.xml linked in the user interface has been fixed.

Released: 2/20/2014


  • Updated the help text for "Inclusive Issues." [TR #1646]
  • Changed text for "Sharing" to clarify what it was doing. [TR #1725]

Released: 2/19/2014


  • Removes the "Application Language" setting from Admin > General Settings since all language configuration is now done through the use of translation files.
  • Minor translation fixes.

Released: 2/10/2014


  • Returns no featured content if no issue is available. [TR #1669]
  • Fixes building non-English iOS 5.0 apps. [TR #1696] [ZD #14120]
  • Removes unused Stripe and Tax Cloud code.
  • Removes unused Android translations code.
  • Switches from Exceptional to Rollbar.
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup.

Released: 2/4/2014

Bug fixes:

  • Removes the obsolete and unused "Forgotten password URL" field from Live settings.
  • Removes the "required" notice from the Android App Icon and Branding Bar.
  • Supports configuring two different keystore files and package names for Amazon Marketplace and Google Play. The setting appears under Admin and will be enabled for those users who previously had different configurations for their Google and Kindle apps.


  • Updates iOS builds with modified Appboy code to remedy Apple App Store rejections.
  • Removes the 12 digit restriction on Google Cloud Messaging sender ID.
  • Filters out issues that have no compatible MIBs. For example, when an issue is set to Distribute on Android smartphone, but has no Android smartphone compatible MIBs, it will not be delivered as an entitlement to an Android smartphone device.
  • iOS 4.4 tab has been removed from all Brands. This tab can be re-enabled for customers that continue to distribute iOS 4.4 apps internally and for apps submitted to Apple before the February 1, 2014 deadline which were rejected due to faulty Appboy code.
  • A "Legacy Banners" link has been added to the iOS tab for existing brands that have built an app whose version is prior to 5.0. This link enables the publisher to update Banners in these older apps without requiring them to rebuild the app.
  • Adds Help Image for the Google Play License Key.
  • Adds better help text and a link to the Android Developers site to specify the format for Android's strings.xml translation file.
  • Fixes styling of delete/trashcan icon for non-image uploads.
Note: New iOS 4.4 apps cannot be submitted to Apple after February 1, 2014.

Released: 1/29/2014

This release corresponds to the 5.0.0 release of the Mag+ Production Tools.


  • Updated subscription API: Include issue expiration date.
  • Some user interface changes.


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