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Important Notice: The Web Export feature was built to provide users with a new channel of content distribution. It is also the result of the valuable feedback and requests from our users for a web browser-based platform that can display your Mag+ content and be distributed to a desktop/laptop computer. The Web Export feature is NOT supported on mobile device web browsers as it is not mobile optimized. For the best mobile content user experience, a native iOS or Android mobile app should be built separately.
NOTE: Web Export builds cannot currently be generated from iPad Pro MIBs

The Web Export feature gives you a way to distribute the content you've created with the Mag+ tools in a standard web browser. It allows you to convert any uploaded MIB file to HTML, directly from your Publish portal. Once the conversion is complete, you can download a package of HTML and assets that you can host on your own web server or site. You can also modify the exported HTML or CSS as you like.

The Web Export feature is available to all Pro license customers. If you have a different license and would like access to the feature, please reach out to your Mag+ representative.

You can convert any device-type MIB to HTML, but note that the output does not scale in the browser. It will render at the same size and shape as it does on the intended device. The output is not responsive.

How to Convert your MIB to HTML in the Publish portal

1. Log-in to the Mag+ Publish portal.

2. Click on the Issues tab.

Click on the Issues tab.

3. Click on the issue "Title" link.

Click on the issue "Title" link.

4. Click "Convert to HTML" button next to the MIB file you wish to convert.

Note: You do not need to have your issue published to use the Web Export but you must have your MIB file uploaded to your issue. Refer to our support article on "Managing Issues" for these steps.
Click "Convert to HTML" button next to the MIB file you wish to convert.

5. Retrieve HTML and assets via e-mail.

After clicking the "Convert to HTML" button, the content conversion will begin. This can take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the MIB. Once it is finished, you will receive an email at the address tied to your Mag+ login with a download link for a compressed .zip file containing the HTML and assets for your content.

Note: Mag+ does not host your content, you must host it on a third-party or in-house web server just like a web site.
Retrieve HTML and assets via e-mail.

Features and Limitations

The Web Export supports most of the same features as the Mag+ native apps. However, because the browser is a different medium, there are limitations and unsupported features. The Web Export will evolve over time, so if you see unsupported features that are not listed here, please let us know.

Supported features (with known limitations):

A and B Layers

  • Horizontal scrolling (click next/previous arrows or use left and right arrow keys on keyboard to navigate)
  • Vertical scrolling with A-Layer Snapping
  • B-Layer Transitions
  • Knock-back color (white only)
  • Background color


  • Background color set to "none" will default to black.
  • Double-click to hide A layer not supported



  • The exported HTML will display a single orientation since rotation is not a factor.  
  • Use the A-Auto Master page or V-Portrait Master page for a portrait orientation.
  • Use the H-Landscape Master page for a landscape orientation.  
  • Using the A-Auto Master page will display content in the full, square layout.


  • Dual Layout MIBs are not supported. If MIB is created using both Dual Layout orientations (V-Portrait Master and H-Landscape Master) it will only display Portrait layout.
  • Pinned objects that are only visible in an unsupported orientation will not be shown.


Link/Jump Link

  • Links to web sites (open in a new browser window/tab)
  • Jump Link to specific block or vertical


  • E-mail links not supported
  • In View/Out of View triggers not supported



  • Standard
  • Modal (click outside of the popup or close button will close it)
  • Modal popups from slideshows (slideshow is paused while modal popup is shown)
  • Groups


  • Flip transition for modal popup not supported



  • Playlist
  • Audio/Video Loop
  • Inline Video
  • Inline Video within slideshows
  • Popup Video (Click outside of player to close)
  • Fullscreen video is activated within media player
  • Play/pause/toggle from hotspots (or triggers)


  • Some video formats are not supported, we recommend .mp4 format per our support article Tips - Video Best Practices
  • Control Images not supported



  • Slides can contain images, videos, popups and links
  • Autoplay
  • Fade/Slide transitions
  • Triggers
  • Manual user-swipe/sliding (using mouse)
  • Modal popups from slideshows (slideshow is paused while modal popup is shown)



  • Pan up and down


  • Mouse or trackpad with multi-direction scrolling capability required for left and right panning
  • Click and drag panning not supported


HTML/Feature Builder Tool

  • Embedded and Linked HTML Blocks
  • Panoramic Image
  • Gallery with Thumbnails
  • Image Sequence
  • Web Feed


  • HTML block with Flash content does not display
  • HTML content should be viewed from web server, displaying locally in browser may not provide accurate representation



  • Any device-type MIB can be converted
  • Optimized MIBs can be converted


  • Mixed Device MIBs are not supported
  • Universal MIBs are not supported. A Universal MIB is created from the Designd Plugin and combines standard iPad and iPad Retina files into one MIB file.


Web Browser

  • Safari and Chrome are recommended 


  • Firefox does not support panning
  • Internet Explorer not supported


Currently unsupported features:

  • Overlay Layer
  • Live Text (Tagged/HTML)
  • Slideshows with slides as any Object type other than Block
  • Pinch and Zoom
  • Pinning
  • Bookmarks
  • Library
  • Help Page
  • Live Page
  • My Account page
  • Subscriptions
  • Table of Contents
  • Thumbnail Scrubber Bar


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