iOS - Renewing an Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile

When a Distribution Certificate is about to expire, you must create a new certificate and then create new App Store and Ad Hoc Provisioning Profiles that use the new certificate. These files are uploaded to the mag+ Publish portal where you then rebuild your app and submit an update to Appstore Connect.

This article will walk you through creating a new Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile with your new Distribution Certificate.

Note: Test Devices in an Ad Hoc profile are different than Test Devices defined in the mag+ Publish portal. Test devices in an Ad Hoc profile allow you to test your app on select devices before the app is made live. Test Devices in mag+ allow you to test content from the mag+ Publish portal before it is published.

Before You Begin

How to Create a New Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile with a Renewed Distribution Certificate

1. To login into the iOS Developer Console go to <>

2. Click on the "Certifcates, Identifiers & Profiles" section.

3. Click on "Profiles"

4. Click on the Ad hoc profile, you need to update. It will open the profile.

5. Click on the "Edit"

6. Select the certificate, which is uploaded on the Publish portal and then click on "Save"

Both the certificates should be same, else the build will not be able to generate. Make sure to select all the test devices.

Note: For more information on Distribution Certificates, read the article "iOS - Renewing a Distribution Certificate."

7. Ad Hoc profile has been renewed. Please click on download

Note: Your app will only run on the devices you check. Any time you add or remove a device, you will need to generate a new Ad Hoc Profile.
Note: Your Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile can now be uploaded to the Mag+ Publish portal.

8. Login to the Mag+ Publish portal <> and go to Apps > iOS > Certificate and Provisioning Files.

9. Delete the existing Ad Hoc profile, upload your new profile, and click on "Save."

Certificate Renewal: Next Steps

After uploading your new Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile, you can now build a new app that uses your new certificates and provisioning profiles.

Note: If you use Push Notifications, you may want to renew your Push Notification Certificate as well. For more information, read the article "iOS - Renewing a Push Notification Certificate."

After building your app, you can now submit an app update to iTunes Connect. For more information, read the article "iOS - Updating a Live App."


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