Kindle Fire - Submitting Your App to the Amazon App Store

After building your app in the mag+ Publish portal, you upload the build to the Amazon Developer Console and publish it. This article will walk you through the process of submitting your app to the Amazon App Store.

Before You Begin

How to Submit Your Kindle Fire App to Amazon

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click on the application that you wish to submit.

3. Make sure all tabs (except Binary File) associated with the app have been completed and have a green checkbox icon.

4. Click on the tab labeled "Binary File(s)."

5. Click on the button labeled "Upload Binary" and select the Amazon build you downloaded from the Mag+ Publish portal.

6. Configure the options on the screen as specified below.

Important Notes About the Binary File(s) Screen

  • Be sure to uncheck the following items under "Device Support" (Label 1). You should click the "Edit Device Support" link to access them:
    • All non-Amazon Android devices based on my manifest
    • Kindle Fire (1st Gen)
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Fire phone
    • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Be sure to agree to the export compliance statement (Label 2) .
  • Uncheck the item for Amazon Maps Redirection (Label 3).
  • For Binary Name, Mag+ suggests entering your build number (it's at the end of the file name just before .apk) — this allows you to keep track of which builds are associated with your application (Label 4).
  • Under "Testing Instructions," enter any special testing information that will help Amazon test your application (Label 5).

7. Click on the Click on the "Save" button when done.

8. You should now be able to click on the "Submit App" button to submit your app to the Amazon App Store.

Note: Amazon does not provide estimates as to how long it will take for them to review apps. On average, Mag+ has seen it take 2-3 days to approve an app or app update, but the time could be as long as 2 weeks.


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