Kindle Fire - Creating an In-App Item for Paid Issues

In order to offer paid content in your Kindle Fire app, you must create in-app items in the Amazon Developer Console which you will connect to Issues you create in the mag+ Publish portal. This article will show you how to create an in-app item in the Amazon Developer Console and how to connect it to an Issue in the mag+ Publish portal.

Note: In-app Items go through a review period similar to Apple in-app purchases. Therefore, in-app items you create will not be immediately available.

Before You Begin

How to Create an In-App Item for Paid Issues in the Amazon Developer Console

1. Log in to your Amazon Developer Console <> and click on the app that will offer the subscriptions.

2. Click on the tab labeled "In-App Items."

3. Click on the button labeled "Add an Entitlement."

4. Enter the entitlement details and click "Save."

Important Entitlement Details

  • Title: The name of your issue.
  • SKU: The SKU is a 150 character string which can contain the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underscores, periods, and dashes. mag+ recommends using a SKU that closely matches your Issue title in the mag+ Publish portal (such as "summer_2014").
  • Content Delivery: Content Delivery should be set to "I'll deliver the required asset(s)."
Note: Copy the SKU you enter here to a text document. You will use this ID in the "Amazon Market Product SKU" field in the Mag+ Publish portal.

5. Click on the tab labeled "Availability & Pricing" and enter the requested information and click on "Save."

Important Availability & Pricing Details

  • Are you charging for this entitlement: Click on "Yes, my base list price is ..." for paid content and enter your base price along with calculated prices.
  • When would you like this item to be available: If this field is left blank, the content will be made available immediately after it is approved. You can also specify a future date if you are preparing content ahead of time.

6. Click on the tab labeled "Description," entered the requested information, and click on "Save."

  • Display Title: The title of your issue.
  • Description: A longer description of your content.
  • Keywords: (Optional) A set of keywords used to describe your content and make it easier to find in the app. Keywords can  be separated by spaces or commas.

7. Click on the tab labeled "Images," upload the requested assets, and click on "Save."

8. With all tabs showing a green circle with a check, click on the button "Submit In-App Item."

9. Go to the Mag+ Publish portal <> and paste the SKU you created above into the field labeled Amazon Market Product SKU in the Issue Detail screen and click on "Save.".

Note: For more information, read the article "Managing Issues."

App Creation: Next Steps

There are additional steps to complete before you publish your app. You must create content to include within the app, customize the app's look and feel to match your brand, and then you must build your app and upload it to the Amazon Developer Console. For more information on these items, please look at the other articles in our knowledge base.


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