iOS - Setting-up Your App to be a Newsstand App in iTunes Connect

Apple Newsstand Requirements

Per Apple, Newsstand was created for apps that meet the following criteria:

  • Primarily contain content that is periodical in nature, such as magazines, newspapers, etc
  • Have frequent updates, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Provide in-app purchase subscription products
  • Provide a reading or interactive experience similar to a magazine or periodical
  • Are not catalogs or do not primarily contain catalog-like content
Note: Once you enable Newsstand for an app, you cannot turn it off. If you wish to remove your app from Newsstand, you will need to submit a brand new app.

Before You Begin

  • You must have created a push notification certificate. For more information, refer to the article "iOS - Creating a Push Notification Certificate."
  • If you will be publishing paid subscriptions and/or sell individual Issues within your app, you will need to request the iOS Paid Applications contract. This can be found under the "Agreements, Tax and Banking" section in iTunes Connect.

How to Set-up a Newsstand App

1. Go to iTunes Connect <>and click "My Apps."

2. Click on the app you wish to make a Newsstand app, and then click the Newsstand link.

3. Activate Newsstand by pressing the "Enable" button.

4. Select a subcategory (optional), upload Default Cover Art, and click on "Save."

Default Cover Art is required for Newsstand apps. If there's no content available on a given date, the Default Cover Art will be used to represent your app on the App Store.


  • Cover Art must be a .png file
  • Resolution must be at least 72 DPI
  • Dimensions must be 768×1024 px or 1536×2048 px (can be portrait or landscape orientation)
  • Artwork must be flat with no rounded corners
Note: Apple requires that it look like a cover without being an actual cover. We recommend placing your logo in the same spot as you would on an actual cover, and placing a generic image/pattern that represents your publication beneath it. This should not look like your app icon or launch images.

5. Click "Save."

You should then see a screen similar to the picture above.

What To Do Next: Next Steps

A Newsstand App must offer at least one subscription that provides paid content or free content. If you haven't created a subscription yet, iTunes Connect will warn you (as shown in the screenshot above). You can press the "Manage In-App Purchases" button in the warning and follow the instructions in the article "iOS-Creating In-app Purchases for Subscriptions."

Important Information

  • Instead of manually adding individual Issues in the Newsstand section of iTunes Connect, you can add an Atom Feed URL. Atom Feed URLs provide the App Store with automatically updated metadata and cover art for each Issue as it becomes available. Read more about Newsstand Atom Feed URLs in the Apple document "Newsstand Atom Feed." Your Mag+ Feed URL is available in the Mag+ Publish portal under Apps > iOS > iTunes Connect Settings. It appears after you have enabled Newsstand functionality in the Mag+ Publish portal under Apps > iOS > Build Options.
  • Realize that Atom Feeds ONLY provide Cover Art and metadata for the app to the App Store. They do not provide information on content available (for free or purchase) within the app itself.
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