iOS - Creating an Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile

A Distribution Provisioning Profile combines your App ID and Distribution Certificate. It authorizes your app to use particular services (like Push Notifications) and ensures that your app is submitted by you. This is why Distribution Certificates are tied to a specific Mac.

An Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile lets you test your built apps on devices you have configured in AppStore Connect. This article will help you create a distribution profile for testing your app on iOS devices prior to submitting it to the Apple App Store.

Note: Test Devices in an Ad Hoc profile are different than Test Devices defined in the mag+ Publish portal. Test devices in an Ad Hoc profile allow you to test your app on select devices before the app is made live. Test Devices in mag+ allow you to test content from the mag+ Publish portal before it is published.

Before You Begin

How to Create an Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile

1. To login into the iOS Developer Console goto <> and click Account at the top

2. Click "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles."

3. Click on "All" in "Provisioning Profiles" section

4. Click on the "+" button to add a new profile.

5. Click on the radio button next to "Ad Hoc" and then click on "Continue."

6. From the pop-up menu, choose an App ID to associate with your app and then click "Continue."

Note: For more information on creating an App ID, read the article "iOS - Creating an App ID."

7. Click on the radio button next to your Distribution Certificate and click on "Continue."

Note: For more information on Distribution Certificates, read the article "iOS - Creating a Distribution Certificate and .p12 File."

8. Place a checkmark next to the test devices where you will install your app and click "Continue."

Note: Your app will only run on the devices you check. Any time you add or remove a device, you will need to generate a new Ad Hoc profile.

9. Enter your app name and "-AdHoc" in the name field and click on "Generate."

Note: mag+ recommends adding the text "-AdHoc" at the end of your profile name. This helps identify it should you create more distribution profiles.

10. Click on the "Download" button to download your Ad Hoc Distribution profile.

Note: Your Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile can now be uploaded to the mag+ Publish portal.

11. Login to the mag+ Publish portal <> and go to Apps > iOS > Certificate and Provisioning Files.

12. Click on "Choose File" under the Ad Hoc heading, select the profile you created earlier, and click on "Save."

App Creation: Next Steps

Creating provisioning profiles is only one step in creating an iOS app for distribution. Please refer to the additional articles in this section for information on setting up and configuring in-app purchases, etc. These items correspond to settings in the mag+ Publish portal. The portal will actually build your customized iOS app. You will then upload this app to the Apple App Store or to your own internal distribution servers (for enterprise customers only).

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