OS X - Installing the Mag+ Tools

This article covers the installation and configuration of the Mag+ Tools for OS X. Follow the steps below to download the tools and install them.

Installation Video

How to Install the Mag+ Tools

1. Go to <http://www.magplus.com/signup/> and create a free Mag+ account.

Note: Mag+ respects your privacy and will never sell your information to third-parties. For more information, read the Mag+ Privacy Policy.

2. Download the Mag+ Tools for OS X and your InDesign version.


3. Open the Disk Image (.dmg file) that gets downloaded and run the Mag+ InDesign installer.


4. Follow the Installer prompts to install the Mag+ Tools.


The installer will install the Mag+ InDesign Plugin, Production Tool, and templates. Simply follow the installer prompts to complete the installation.


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