Troubleshooting - PDF Import Script Error

This article provides additional information on how the PDF Import script works and how to correct common issues.

How the PDF Import Script Works

The mag+ PDF Import Script included with the mag+ InDesign Plugin requires well-formed PDFs. It specifically relies on the /Count, xref, startxref, and /Root tags. Without these tags, the script cannot properly determine the number of pages to import.

You can confirm that the PDF is malformed by opening it in a text editor and searching for the text "/Count." If it does not appear, then the PDF will not import properly.

Note: Version 5.2.1 and earlier of the Mag+ InDesign Plugin included a PDF Import Script that displayed an incorrect page count when it reported errors parsing the PDF. A new script is attached to this article which will properly display the malformed page count, helping reduce confusion. To install, simply drop the new script into the Adobe InDesign > Plug-Ins > Mag+ folder.

How to Fix Badly Formed PDFs (OS X)

The following steps use Apple Preview to allow an OS X user to fix a badly formed PDF. Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat does not correct the issue at this time.


1. Open the PDF in Apple's Preview application.

2. Go to File > Save As... and save a copy of the PDF.

Preview will add the missing tags.

3. You can now import the new PDF using the mag+ PDF Import script.


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    Celia Gibbons

    I searched my PDF in a text document for "/Count" and found it numerous times. InDesign continues to quit on me when I try to run the PDF import.

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