Advanced - Scripting the mag+ InDesign Plugin

One of the features of InDesign is that various actions can be scripted—that is, tasks can be automated programmatically. Writing scripts for InDesign requires a working knowledge of programming in JavaScript, AppleScript or VBScript.

Fore more information about scripting InDesign, refer to Adobe's article "InDesign developer documentation".

Note: Scripting is an advanced feature that requires specialized knowledge. mag+ can't teach you how to script, but if you're interested, we recommend starting with the Adobe resources and our sample scripts. 

Accessing the mag+ Script Samples

1. Go to your Adobe InDesign application folder.

Accessing Built-In Documentation with AppleScript

Note: AppleScript is only available on the OS X platform.

1. Launch the AppleScript Editor application.

This is typically found in the folder Applications > Utilities.

2. In AppleScript Editor, go to File > Open Dictionary...

3. In the window that appears, select your version of Adobe InDesign.

4. In the window that opens, select "magplus suite".

You'll find all the mag+ script objects, properties, and events there.


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    Dan Fitzpatrick

    Another way to find out about the Mag+ javascript object names is to look at the sample scripts Mag+ installs in your scripts folder. One called "MagPlusPageItems.jsx" was immediately useful. I was trying to find out how to grab the urls used in hotspots, the answer is app.selection[0].magplusObjectType.magplusHotspotURL

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