Advanced - Scripting the mag+ InDesign Plugin

Accessing the mag+ Script Samples

1. Go to your Adobe InDesign application folder.

2. Navigate into Scripts > Scripts Panel > Samples > JavaScript > Mag+.

In here you'll find working scripts like multi-device export and folder batch export, as well as reference scripts like MagPlusSettings.jsx which show all the functions that can be scripted. Open them in your favorite JavaScript editor.

Accessing Built-In Documentation with AppleScript

Note: AppleScript is only available on the OS X platform.

1. Launch the AppleScript Editor application.

This is typically found in the folder Applications > Utilities.

2. In AppleScript Editor, go to File > Open Dictionary...

3. In the window that appears, select your version of Adobe InDesign.

4. In the window that opens, select "magplus suite".

You'll find all the Mag+ script objects, properties, and events there.

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    Dan Fitzpatrick

    Another way to find out about the Mag+ javascript object names is to look at the sample scripts Mag+ installs in your scripts folder. One called "MagPlusPageItems.jsx" was immediately useful. I was trying to find out how to grab the urls used in hotspots, the answer is app.selection[0].magplusObjectType.magplusHotspotURL

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