Adding Pinch and Zoom to Objects

How to Add Pinch and Zoom:

1. Select a frame in InDesign that you would like to enable for Pinch and Zoom.

Note: You can add zoom to an image or a text box, but not to a group of boxes.

2. In the Designd Object Panel, check the box next to "Zoom".

3. Use the pull-down menu to specify the amount of Zoom you will allow.

Note: If you are zooming on an image, make sure the source file has enough resolution to support the level of zoom you intend to offer (e.g. a 400x600 pixel image with a 200% zoom on it must be at least 800x1200 to maintain crisp resolution when zoomed). Just be aware that the bigger an image, the slower it will load.

4. (Optional) Check the "Use Linked Image" box to use the full resolution image file you’ve placed in the frame.

Note: If "Use Linked Image" is not checked, mag+ will automatically generate an image that is only as big as it needs to be to support the maximum zoom you’ve specified. If you would like to fully control the image's final output size, rather than relying on the Plugin to generate the image size, you will want to use this feature.

Additional things to note about Pinch and Zoom

  • Pinch and Zoom images take up a lot of memory on a device and performance will vary for each type of device. It is not recommended to include pinch and zoom blocks on every vertical, especially full page blocks, as this can overload some device's memory and potentially cause the app to crash. This could also happen more commonly on older devices with smaller processors and lower memory. Also, be cautious about how big the image is and how much zoom you allow. If the image is too large or the zoom set too high, you will not only get slow loading times but you could also potentially cause your app to crash. A good rule of thumb is to NOT use any single image that exceeds a device's actual screen height and width. For example, don't use an image where the full image resolution exceeds 1536x2048 for a Retina display iPad. Still however, using a full screen Pinch and Zoom image (1536x2048) is not recommended.
  • Double-tapping a zoomable image will zoom in and out.
  • You can make a mag+ Popup zoomable if you change the Object Type for the Popup to "Block" instead of "Popup". The tradeoff in doing this is that you cannot make the Popup modal or alter the transition.


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