Adding Snapping to Your Layout

In Mag+, the default behavior for the A-Main Tower layer is to scroll freely as the user swipes up and down. You can, however, set content on the A-Main Tower layer to “snap” to a specified position on a B layer transition and remain there until the user scrolls again. This behavior is set in the Mag+ Object Panel.

Available options in the Mag+ Object Panel > Snap menu:

  • Outer Top: This is the top of the portrait orientation or absolute top of the screen.
  • Inner Top: This is the top of the landscape orientation from the top of the screen.
  • Top: The top of whichever orientation the user is holding the device. 
Note: To set a Snap position below the top of the screen, simply place the A layer object (or group of objects) where you’d like them to appear and draw an empty box at the top of the screen — the system will read the empty box as the top of the A layer and snap that object to the top.

How to Add Snapping to a Layout

1. Open the Apple iPad Retina template on your computer from the Mag+ > Templates > Apple iPad Retina folder.

2. Save the untitled document as "Snapping Example".

3. Place a text frame with some content on the layer "B-Slides-Main Content" in InDesign.

4. Place a red text frame with some content that goes below the safe area on the A-Main Tower layer in InDesign.

5. Add a new page to your InDesign document using the master page "A-Auto Master".

6. Place content on the B-Slides-Main Content and A-Main Tower layers of Page 2.

Note: On page 2, place the red frame on the A-Main Tower layer at the top of the safe area.

7. Select the frame on the A-Main Tower layer of page 2 and go to the Mag+ > Mag+ Object Panel.

8. With the A-Main Tower frame selected, set the Snap to "Top".

9. Save your document.

10. Review your document and swipe up to see how the Snapping feature snaps the A-Layer content on Page 2 into place.

As you swipe up with your finger on the layout, notice that when the content switches to Page 2, the frame on the A-Main Tower layer of Page 2 snaps to the top of the screen. Snapping is triggered when the object set to snap crosses the mid-point of the screen.

Note: In order to review your document, you must set up a Reviewer device and configure the Mag+ Settings panel in InDesign. For more information, read the articles in the section "Reviewing Your Current Design."
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