Using Transition Guides

In a mag+ Issue, when the bottom of the last object placed on the A-layer scrolls past the halfway point of the device screen, the system automatically transitions to the next page in the InDesign document (if one exists).

Assigning Transition Guides is an easy way to force that transition to happen further down, thereby allowing content on the A-layer to appear on the screen longer before the transition occurs.

Note: You cannot use Transition Guides to define an earlier transition to the next page of a layout.

How to Make a Transition Appear Later in a Layout

1. In a Mag+ InDesign layout, make sure you have two pages filled with content and a long frame on the A - Main Tower layer of the first page.

2. Click on the Transition Guides layer and drag a guide from the top ruler to the place where you want the transition to occur.

3. Save your document and preview it on a Review Device.

When you swipe up, the A-Layer content will scroll into view. The page will only transition when your custom Transition Guide reaches the center of the device screen. If you had not created a custom Transition Guide, the transition would have occurred when the bottom of the text frame on the A-layer reached the middle of the screen.

Note: In order to review your document, you must set up a Reviewer device and configure the Mag+ Settings panel in InDesign. For more information, read the articles in the section "Reviewing Your Current Design."


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