Adding Sharing Functionality to Your App

The mag+ Sharing feature allows readers to share a screenshot of the current Vertical and send it via several services like Twitter, Facebook (iOS 6 and higher), e-mail, and more.

Note: Sharing in iOS is provided by the iOS operating system and only offers options available to the device. For example, the Facebook option will only be available to users who have enabled it in their Settings panel.
Note: For Facebook, users can only share an image on Android devices and URL on iOS devices.

Sharing is a "live" option, which means you can turn it on and off in the mag+ Publish portal without updating your app.

Important Information About Sharing

  • Once Sharing is turned on, it is available in all current and previous mag+ Issues of your app – it cannot be disabled for select Issues.
  • Custom Sharing URLs created in InDesign are embedded in the mag+ Issue where they are entered. Therefore, if a Custom Sharing URL needs to be changed after you publish, you will need to create an updated mag+ Issue and upload it. Only Custom Sharing URLs entered in the mag+ Publish portal can be updated on-the-fly.

Enabling Sharing for an App

1. Log in to the mag+ Publish Portal at .

2. Click on the Apps tab for your brand.

3. Click on the Live Settings tab.

Click on the Live Settings tab.

4. Scroll down to the Sharing section and click on the “Enable social sharing for the entire app” checkbox.

Note: You can specify a default Sharing URL for the sharing options. If this is not set, a URL to the app within the application marketplace will be used.

5. Click on the "Save" button.

Click on the "Save" button.

Customizing a Sharing URL

The sharing URL can be customized for each Vertical in the mag+ InDesign Plugin.

1. With an open layout in InDesign, show the Designd Vertical Panel.

2. Enter the preferred URL in the Custom Sharing URL field.

Note: If there is no URL specified for the Vertical, the shared message will include the default URL set for the app in the mag+ Publish portal. Custom Sharing URLs entered in InDesign are saved within the mag+ Issue. Therefore, if the URL changes, you will need to generate a new mag+ Issue and upload it to the mag+ Publish portal for the change to be reflected.

Using the Sharing Menu on a Device

1. Tap the screen to call up the Navigation Bar.

Tap the screen to call up the Navigation Bar.

2. Tap the Sharing icon to view the Sharing menu.

Tap the Sharing icon to view the Sharing menu.

3. Select the method you wish to share the content.


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