The Simple MIB Pusher

This little app is, quite simply, a way to push a MIB file from your computer to your Reviewer app on your device. Once you've installed it, you can just double-click a MIB file and it should open the Simple MIB Pusher, which will automatically find any nearby open Reviewer apps, or you can manually add the IP address of your device (required for most Android/Kindle devices). Select the device you want to push it to or enter the IP address, and click Push to the Reviewer. That's it!

This can be handy when someone else sends you a MIB file to review.

Note, this tool is for Mac OS only. For both Mac and Windows users you can also review a MIB file through your Web Browser or through a cloud-based file sharing service (ie. Dropbox). See this article for more information.

Download Simple MIB Pusher (Mac OS only)


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