Using the Android Reviewer

WIFI settings

In order to be able to push from the InDesign Plug-in to an Android device, both devices have to be connected to the same WIFI. 



Android Push Identification 

Next, tap the "User Settings" button. There you will find your Device Push Address (IP Address).

InDesign Plug-in 

Under the Settings tab in the Mag+ window, the Push Service ID has to be selected in Push review to device. In our example below, the Push Service ID from the iPad is already in the list.


A new device ID can be added by pressing the + button. Here we enter the ID previously identified in the iPad: After pressing OK the Plug-in is set to push to that device. NOTE: The port should always be set to 50000.


Clear data/Clear cache

If your app crashes while reviewing, you will likely need to clear the data/cache in the app settings before you will be able to review again.  To do so, enter your device's settings and navigate to the "Applications" section.  Locate the Mag+ Reviewer app and tap on it.  In the Reviewer app settings, you should see something similar to what is shown below (this is on the Samsung Galaxy Tab). Tap the buttons to clear the cache and data. Return to the app, login, and attempt to push to the device once again.



ALSO NOTE: When moving from one wireless network to another, your Push Service ID will change.  Because of this, you  may need to update your Push settings after moving your device between wireless networks.  


Reviewing a full MIB file on your device.

  1. Send the MIB file to your device using email or an url link (e.g. Dropbox public link).
  2. Make sure that the latest version of the Mag+ Reviewer app is installed on the device.
  3. When the MIB file is downloaded to the device, select the MIB file on your device and choose to open it using the Mag+ Reviewer.
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