Setting Up and Using the mag+ Reviewer

The mag+ Reviewer is an app—available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire—that allows you to review your designs on your device in real-time as you're building them. It talks directly to the mag+ InDesign Plugin and mag+ Production Tool over WiFi. It's built on the exact same code as our branded reader apps so you see exactly what your end users see when reviewing. 

You should:

1. Download the mag+ Reviewer App for your platform.

2. Connect the reviewer app to the mag+ Tools.

Note: In order to push from the mag+ InDesign Plugin to your device, both your computer and device have to be connected to the same WiFi network. It operates on the HTTP protocol 50000.

Configuring the mag+ InDesign Plugin

To access the mag+ Designd Preferences you will use the 'Mag+ Designd' drop down menu at the top of the InDesign application.

In the mag+ Preferences panel, make sure you've selected the radio button "Push Review to Device" (Label 1). In the drop-down menu that appears (Label 2), the plugin will automatically detect any nearby device with the mag+ Reviewer running. If it doesn't see your device, you can hit the Refresh button to poll the network.

If the Reviewer Device does not appear (or you are on Windows) you can also hit the + button (Label 3) and manually add the Push Service ID from your device.

  • For the iOS Reviewer app, you can find the Push Service ID in the Settings view in the Reviewer
  • For the Android Reviewer app, go to the Help menu and there you'll find the IP

Configuring the mag+ Production Tool

If you're entered a Push Service ID manually in the mag+ InDesign plugin, the mag+ Production Tool should pick it up automatically (and vice versa). If it does not appear, you will need to enter the Push Service ID in the Production Tool manually. To do so, go to the drop-down menu next to My Device, click "Add" and enter the Reviewer Push ID.

Using the mag+ Reviewer

Once your Reviewer app is connected, you can push layouts to it simply by pressing the Fast Review or Full Review buttons in the mag+ InDesign Plugin (see the image below).

Fast Review uses InDesign to convert embedded images at a lower-resolution, so the review happens faster. Full Review mimics your Export settings, using Photoshop to do the image conversion (if selected) and outputs the full resolution for the device you're designing.

The mag+ Reviewer can also display previews of Issues from the mag+ Production Tool. The "Review Selected" and "Review All" buttons in the Production Tool will push the Verticals to the Mag+ Reviewer.

Direct Download

The easiest way to send a remote user a MIB to review is to have them click a URL to it (a web link ending in .mib) from either their e-mail or a web page. When they do, the MIB will download and then present them with an option to open in the mag+ Reviewer.

A simple way to generate a link to a MIB is by using Dropbox.

  1. Open a free Dropbox account.
    (After installing Dropbox, you'll have a Dropbox folder on your computer.)
  2. Drop the MIB you want to share with someone in your Dropbox folder.
  3. Right-click on the MIB and choose "Share Dropbox Link".
  4. Paste the link in an e-mail to the user with a Reviewer app and send it. 

Set Up a mag+ Remote Review server

Another way to review remotely is to set up a place on your server or website where you can put MIBs or have them uploaded directly from the Production Tool. Using this method, you can send a URL to that spot - even if it's a folder - to the person you want to review and have them paste it in the Remote Review URL field under the Settings screen in the Reviewer app. Once they do, the Library will populate with any MIBs at that address.

To enable this functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Index.php file
  2. Place the file in a folder on your web server that is accessible by your Reviewer app
  3. In your Reviewer app, go to Settings and under the Remote Review URL field, enter the URL to the web folder.

For specific information about using the Android and Fire mag+ Reviewer apps, read the article "Using the Android Reviewer".


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