Troubleshooting: Can't review to iPad

Check these settings to make sure everything is set up correctly. 

  • Make sure the iPad and computer are connected to the same wi-fi network
  • Check your iPad IP and port under "Help" in the Reviewer app 
  • To make sure your iPad and computer are connected, start the Reviewer app on your iPad and log in under User Settings. Start a web browser on your computer. Enter the ip and port address given under "Help" in the mag+ Reviewer app (e.g. in the search window and you should should see something similar to the attached the screenshot. If not, the computer and iPad aren't on the same network or the IP is wrong. 

Another reason for why Review might not work can be that the InDesign template included in the downloaded Mag+ bundle hasn't been used. 

  • Go into your iPad settings. Scroll down the list on the left an tap "Mag+ Reviewer". Tap "Authoring Settings". Make sure that "Push Service" is enabled. Start the reviewer app and enter the ip:port shown under help and enter it in your web browser on your computer again to see if that solves it. It is important the the Reviewer app is active on the iPad. 

If that doesn't work, maybe this is it: 

  • Are your computer connected to the network using an ethernet cable? In that case you can try activating "internet sharing". Go to your system preferences and click Sharing, then select Internet Sharing, select to Share your connection from Ethernet, to computers using Airport. Set a password and now you have setup your own Wi-fi network. On the iPad, log on to the Wi-fi network you just created. Start the Mag+ Reviewer app on your iPad. Check your IP:port under help in the menu and enter it in the web browser on your computer (just enter e.g: as in the screenshot above. Do not close down the Reviewer app while doing this. 

If that doesn't help. If it is possible,  submit at ticket with a screenshot of your Mag+ reviewer app with the help menu active and also a screenshot of your web browser on your computer?


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