Building Your Issue

Tying it together

In mag+, each InDesign document becomes one vertical, which represents one page in your issue. When you’re ready to assemble the verticals into an Issue, you use our Production Tool to order the verticals and review multiple verticals at once. You can also add a designed table of contents for your readers to navigate your publication.

Creating a Custom Table of Contents

The mag+ Reader app comes with a few built-in ways for readers to navigate your publication, including the thumbnail “scrubber” and a standard list view of contents, but we think you should be able to control the presentation of your table of contents if you want. So you can design a TOC in InDesign to look anyway you want, using the simple internal linking function, that readers can activate just by tapping the upper left corner of any page.

VIDEO - Create a custom TOC

The Production Tool :

If the plug-in is where you manage individual verticals, the Production Tool is where you manage issues. Assemble verticals, review multiple pages and use the remote review capability to send whole or partial issues to anyone with the Reviewer app anywhere in the world.
When you’re finished designing a page and are ready to add it to the Issue, just hit the Export button on the plug-in. Once your vertical has been exported, it’ll show up in the clipboard of the Production Tool—drag it into the main window in whatever order you’d like it to appear. Double click any vertical to open the file again in InDesign.

VIDEO - Introduction to the Production tool


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