Tips & Tricks - Using Multi-Device Export

As you use the new multi-device export, here are a few tips that will make the automatic creation of new InDesign documents more smooth.


USE STYLES: When you export a layout to a new InDesign document using SCALE, the system will simply scale all aspects of the text relative to the new page size. When going from iPad to a smaller device, especially the iPhone, this can create very small text. However, using paragraph and character styles can help you have more control over the scaled document. Here's how:

In the source document template (i.e., iPad), create styles for each of the types of text you want to have, i.e., body, hed, subhead.

Now create styles with the same names in the template for the new device (i.e., iPhone), and set the style definition as you want the final output to be. For example, if body text on the iPad is 9pts over 10pt leading, by default it will be scaled to 3.889pts over 4pt leading on the iPhone. But if you create a style called Body for each template, and set the iPhone Body text to be 7pt, any text in the source document with that style sheet applied will be exported at 7pt in the iPhone document.

You can set up multiple templates with different style sheets for different types of pages. Just be sure to point to the template you want to use in the plug-in before you export to that device.


ALIGN TO BASELINE GRID: If your source document uses the "Align to Baseline Grid" setting on a piece of text, you will see unpredictable results when exporting to a different-size device. This is because the default baseline grid for that device is different than the original. If you use the baseline grid in the source document, modify the baseline grid in the new device template to follow the size and spacing you want to have for that device.   


SET YOUR SCALING PREFERENCES IN INDESIGN TO "ADJUST SCALING PERCENTAGE": In InDesign, if you go to Preferences > General > Object Editing > When Scaling, you'll see that there are 2 options, "Apply to Content" & "Adjust Scaling Percentage".  Make sure your preference is set to "Adjust Scaling Percentage".



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