Troubleshooting: Deleting Mag+ preferences


If you're having trouble with the mag+ creation suite and re-installing the tools is not solving the problem, it may sometimes be necessary to delete the mag+ preferences files from your system. 

You can find those in your User>Library>Preferences folder. Note that the Library is a hidden folder. The easiest way to get to it is to go to the Go menu in the Finder, choose "Go to Folder ..." and type "~/Library". Inside Library, the folder called MagPlus is the preferences for the plug-in; the one called MagPlus Bundler is the preferences for the Production Tool. If you delete these, quit out of InDesign (or the Production Tool) completely and reinstall with a fresh download from 

Note that deleting these will erase your saved list of IP addresses for the reviewer and your Issue Folders list from the Production Tool.


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