Previewing Your Issue

To give your users a sense of the content inside an issue before they purchase or download it, you can create preview images that they can view simply by tapping an issue cover in the in-app storefront.

The cover of the issue will always be available as a preview so only choose interior pages. The preview image will be a screenshot of what is visible when the user first arrives on that page. The preview images are static. The system will automatically add the PREVIEW banner to the upper right corner and the color of the banner will be your brand color.

If you are using the Featured Content space, be sure to have a number of preview images for that issue to create the cool "coverflow" effect and fill out the image space.  

There is no hard limit to the number of preview images you can include, but once you get over 15 or so, they will take a long time to load.


Create Previews in InDesign

Open the InDesign document for the vertical you wish to include as a preview. In the mag+ Designd plugin, check the “Include in Issue Preview” box and export.

The preview images will be bundled with the issue and loaded as soon as the user taps the cover.


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