Creating a Web Feed

This feature will help you place a web feed in your layout. Just follow these simple steps: 

1. Go to and log in using your magplus credentials. 

2. Now you will see the regular "images" button that you usually use to create your html features. Under it is a new button called "Web feed", click it. 

3. Enter the name and size of your project and click next. 

4. Enter the web feed url and select number of posts to load. Save. 

5. Click "Settings" to change font and background color. 

6. Click "Preview" to check the layout and function in your web browser. When you're happy, click "Export" to download the html- file and assets. 

7. Load your index.html file into your html frame in InDesign using the plugin as described in our Adding HTML Objects into your Layout article. Then Review! 


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