Objects that can be created using mag+ Feature Builder

In the feature builder you can create six different types of html object:

  • image gallery with thumbnails
  • image slideshow with swipe
  • image sequence
  • online content feature
  • pinch & zoom object
  • Web Feed element

Image gallery with thumbnails

An image gallery with thumbnails consists of a series of images that appear one after another when you tap the image window or on the thumbnails. 



Image slideshow with swipe

An image slideshow with swipe is basically an image slideshow where you go from one picture to another by swiping the screen of the tablet. Minimum size is 200 px by 200 px.



Image Sequence

An image sequence gives the reader the possibility to swipe over an object to make it rotate. It is a very good way of showing products for example. All you need is a set of images of the objects from different views. A best practice is to aim at getting about 25 images of the object for a 360 degree view.


Online Content Feature

An online content object enables you to embed a webpage on a vertical in your app. If the reader is offline an image will show instead of the webpage. This could for example be used for having ads in your app always up to date no matter when the issue was made, just update the webpage you have linked to and it will be updated in the app.

For the offline image you need to fill an URL to an image that is on the same website as the website you are linking to. An easy way of finding an image linked to the same URL is to go to the website and the right click the page and select ‘View source’, then look for a linked image.

Pinch & Zoom object

Create a Pinch &Zoom object when you want your readers to be able to zoom in on images. NOTE: The "Pinch & Zoom" feature is only available for iOS devices at this time.

RSS Feed element

This makes it possible to include an area in a vertical that loads RSS feeds from your chosen source.


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    where I can find tutorial for this feature? or how to use this?

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    Michael Bojkowski

    Looking for Tutorials too.

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