How to create a mag+ Feature Builder object

The first time you log in on, you will be taken to your feature start screen.

If you are going to create anything other then a web feed, then press the  "Images" button on the right side.

Enter the name, description and size for your HTML object. 

Because the mag+ InDesign template is based on the resolution of 72dpi and the iPad’s resolution is 132dpi, the images in HTML elements are not converted by the plugin and therefore need to be of the exact size for the iPad before reviewing. The formula for this is to have the image being 1,83 times bigger (132/72 = 1,83) than what it is in the template. So if the image shown in the template is 558 px by 419 px then the image in the HTML element should be 1023 by 766px. Another good way to remember this is that the template is 560×420 while the resolution of the iPad is 1024×768 (1.83 times bigger). 

For Android devices, check your device dpi and make the same calculation as above to know which dimensions to use.

Click "Next"

Now you have to choose the feature type you want to create. Click the "Select" button next to the desired feature and then press "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Click "Add images" to add images to your html object. Repeat until you have added all the images you want to use. You can always come back to the feature object later to add or change the images included.

Press "Save".

The object is now ready to be created. Click the "Settings" button in order to customize your object exactly the way you want.

You can preview your html object in your web browser by clicking "Preview".

In order to try it out in your publication, click "Export". Then fetch the html file and add just that one in your issues folder.

Note: Make sure your images are all in RGB and not CMYK. Also, the "Pinch  Zoom" feature is only available for iOS devices at this time.


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