Creating a MIB file for a iPad Single Issue App

Note: This article only applies for iOS apps.

From the 4.0 version of Mag+, the MIB file in a "Single Issue App" is included in the app binary. This means that when the end-user downloads the app from the AppStore it already contains the MIB file.

iPad Single Issue Apps can only contain one MIB file, this means that this MIB file must work for both standard iPad resolution and iPad Retina resolution. In this case, you will need to create a universal MIB; "universal" means it contains elements in both old-iPad resolution (1024x768; 132ppi) and retina resolution (2048x1536; 264ppi) in the same MIB file, so that the appropriate version can be loaded on each device. Use this ONLY for Single Issue Applications. If you are looking to create MIB for your help issue, please read this article. *Do not use this to create your issue for an app containing a store and/or library.

How to create your Universal MIB:

  1. Open the Mag+ InDesign template found under Applications > Mag+ > Templates after installation. Build a vertical in InDesign as usual. Make sure all images used have at least 264ppi resolution.
  2. Choose iPad Retina from the Device pulldown menu; choose 3.5 (or higher) as the MIB version; and select your Issue Folder. We recommend creating a folder specifically for your Universal MIB. 
  3. Go into the Settings tab in the Mag+ Plug-in. At the bottom you will see a setting for Universal iPad MIB. Check the box to On or Ask on Export (this will present a dialog box when you hit Export).
  4. Export your vertical.
  5. Open the Mag+ Production Tool and point to the Issue Folder you just exported to. Setup up your brand id and issue id as usual. Drag your vertical from the clipboard into the main window.
  6. Repeat step 1-5 for all your verticals in your issue.
  7. Hit the Create MIB button in the Production Tool. This will create a MIB in your Issue folder.
  8. Add the new issue in Mag+ Publish, when uploading your MIB, make sure that you select that it is an iPad Retina MIB in the uploading page. 


  • MIBs in Single Issue Apps are embedded in the app itself, so they can only be updated with an app update.
  • Because Universal MIBs contain images for both resolution iPads, the file will be bigger than a normal MIB. Therefore we don't recommend using universal MIBs for anything other than MIBs for Single Issue Apps and Help MIBs.


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