The mag+ Process

The mag+ process can be described in four simple steps

1. First you use the mag+ InDesign plugin to create "verticals". A vertical is a slide in your issue that can be scrolled vertically. One InDesign document represent one "vertical". When you work in InDesign you are able to review your design on an iPad, Android or Kindle Fire using the mag+ Reviewer available for free in the device's app store.

2. As you work you will export the verticals that you create in InDesign to the mag+ Production Tool. This is where you layout the verticals next to each other to enable horizontal scrolling between the verticals. So in the end you will basically have an issue built up as shown below. You can review all your vertical together using the mag+ Reviewer and you are also able to go back and make changes in the InDesign documents and update verticals.


3. When you are happy with your issue in the mag+ Production Tool you will be able to create what we refer to as mib file. This mib file will contain all your verticals bundled together, in short, it is your issue. You can send this mib file to your clients or co-workes and they will be able to review the full issue on their devices.

4. The next step is our web service: mag+ publish, this is where you build your own app and also upload your issues. You can decide what kind of app you want to build, either for iPad, Kindle Fire or Android. Then you will get an app that you can submit to the AppStore. The app you get is basically just a shell containing the icons and logos of your choice. The mib file you have created will be uploaded to our server (our your own if you wish). Depending on what kind of app you have built the app will act differently. If it is a Go! app the Mib file will start to dowload to the device from the server automatically when the app is started. If it is a Grow app the issue will be listed in the Store or Library of the app and downloaded to the device form the server once the user decides to download the issue. In order to gain access to mag+ publish you will have to sign up for one of the mag+ priceplans


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