Orientation Options for your issue and app

The default behavior of a Mag+ app is to work in both orientations, but you can choose to lock any vertical, issue or app to any particular orientation.

Per vertical

On any given vertical, you can choose whether it:
- Works in both orientations. Read more about the Auto template. Read more about pinning.   
- Presents a unique layout for each orientation. Read more about Dual Layout. 
- Locks to one orientation. Use the Orientation pulldown menu in the Vertical panel of the plug-in to choose to lock a vertical in Portrait or Landscape. If the user holds the device the other way, he will be presented with a grayed out screen and an icon. The icon may be customized as part of your app build. See example below.


Per issue

You can also choose to lock an entire issue to a single orientation by using the Orientation pulldown in the Production Tool. If you choose to lock an orientation here, it will override any setting in the plug-in. If this is set to Auto, it will respect whatever was set in the plug-in. If you lock the orientation here and the user turns the device, he will see the same graphic as above.

Note: Even in locked orientation issues, users will still see the space in between visible areas when they swipe unless you check the 'Crop Portrait Orientation' box in the Production Tool. If that box is checked, the visible layouts will be cropped to the visible area in portrait mode. See diagrams below. 


At the App Level 

Finally, you can also lock your entire app to one of the four available orientations on app build. This option is found in Build Options under the Apps tab in Publish, and requires a new build and app submission to change. 

If you choose to lock to any of these orientations and the user turns the device to an unsupported orientation, every space in the app will simply appear sideways. See below.


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