mag+ Design Examples for iPad

Here is our Design Examples issue, which demonstrates the features of mag+. By downloading the InDesign files and associated content below, you can see how those features are implemented. The finished MIB file can be viewed by opening the Library space on your mag+ Reviewer app and downloading it. You can even use the assets included here to rebuild the Verticals yourself, or just use these as a starting place to mimic the features or architecture with your own content.

Download Source Files

You can download the entire package of assets or download only the parts you want below:

1. Download mag+ Design Examples and unarchive it. This will give you the fonts and a folder structure that you can place the other files into.

2. To get the embedded content, download the following files, unarchive them and put them in their respective folders under mag+ Design Examples/Links:





3. Now get all the InDesign files by downloading the following files, unarchiving and putting them in their respective folders under mag+ Design Examples/InDesign files. These are IDML files so they will open in any CS version.






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