When the Plug-In exports the page—either for Review or Export—it turns everything into images. The system doesn’t read front to back order of individual objects on a given layer, but it will treat grouped objects like one image—it will essentially take a snapshot of that group.  So you'll sometimes have to group objects in order to get the object arrangement you want.

Why is grouping good?

  • Grouped elements move as a single object when orientation of the device changes
  • Grouped objects are exported as a single image
  • Allows you to maintain effects like dropshadows
  • Grabbing groups within groups makes it easy to make minor adjustments without un-grouping everything
  • Sometimes object order is lost when exporting from InDesign. The easiest way to get around the problem is to group objects that are sharing the same space.
  • Just make sure you do not accidentaly group objects that are part of separate mag+ layers.

You can always group an object with an empty shape if you have no other object to group it with. An Object with an ID will lose it’s ID when it is grouped with other objects, so if you are referring to that object make sure to adjust the ref object ID.



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