Table of contents

One of mag+’s unique features is the opportunity to create and design a drop-down Table of Contents panel for your issue. This panel will drop down from the upper-left corner of the navigation menu when the user taps that corner, or presses the TOC button. If you don’t create a Table of Contents, the TOC button will not be there and the Bookmarks menu will pop down instead.

To create a custom Table of Contents:

  • Open the document called TOC_template.indd included in the mag+ bundle that you downloaded from
  • Start the mag+ Plug-in
  • In the TOC template the artboard is as big as the max width of the TOC on the iPad in Portrait orientation. It is possible to change the size of the TOC once exported to the production tool.
  • The TOC template has exactly the same layers as in the regular template and the A-layer is the scrollable layer while the b-layer is set.
  • Pinning is disabled in the TOC.
  • When linking to your pages, create regular jump links.
  • When you are ready, check the 'Table of contents' button on the InDesign plug-in and export your TOC file. The TOC will appear in the Clipboard of the mag+ Production Tool, drag it to the area called Other Objects.




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