Quick Start - Configuring the mag+ Tools

1. Set-up your Issue folder.

Set-up your Issue folder.

Your Issue folder holds exported layouts and Verticals and is used by the mag+ Production Tool to create MIB files.

For more information, read the article "How to Structure the mag+ Issue Folder".

2. Set-up the mag+ Production Tool.

Set-up the Mag+ Production Tool.

The mag+ Production Tool is the place you assemble exported layouts (called Verticals) into a full Issue.

Read more about installing and setting up the mag+ Production Tool.

3. Download the mag+ Reviewer app and connect it to your mag+ Production Tool and InDesign Plug-in.

Download the Mag+ Reviewer app and connect it to your Mag+ Production Tool and InDesign Plug-in.

The mag+ Reviewer app lets you preview layouts in real-time on the device of your choice. It also lets you preview Issues from the mag+ Production Tool.

Read more about setting up and using the mag+ Reviewer app.


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