Quick Start - Building a mag+ Issue

In mag+, each InDesign document -- regardless of the number of pages the file contains -- becomes one Vertical, which can represent one page, article, or piece of content in your Issue. When you’re ready to assemble the Verticals into an Issue, you use the mag+ Production Tool. The Production Tool is a desktop application that lets you arrange the Verticals into a particular order, add sections, tables of content, and review multiple Verticals at once.

1. Launch the mag+ Production Tool.

Note: In Mac OS X, the mag+ Production Tool is installed in your Applications folder. In Windows, it gets installed either in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.

2. Under Issue Settings on the right, click on the dropdown next to Issue and select "Add".

3. Choose the Issue folder you created earlier.

Note: This Quick Start example assumes you are using the sample Issue structure outlined in the Configuring Your mag+ Tools article. If you have created your own Issue structure, or are using the Multi-Device Export feature, your Issue folder will look different.

4. Drag the MyFirstApp Vertical from the Clipboard area to the Issue area.

Verticals exported from InDesign will appear in the Clipboard area of the mag+ Production Tool for the Issue folder you have selected. When a Vertical is dragged to the Issue area, it will disappear from the Clipboard.

Note: If your exported Verticals do not appear,make sure you have set the Export folder in the mag+ InDesign Plugin to the same Issue folder selected in the Production Tool. Also be aware that using the mag+ Multi-Device Export feature requires a special Issue folder configuration in order to work properly.

5. Under Issue Settings, enter a Brand name such as "Project".

Note: Brand names can only contain letter, number, and underscore characters.

6. Under Issue Settings, enter an Issue ID such as "New".

Note: Issue IDs can only contain letter, number, and underscore characters.

7. Under Issue Settings, select the highest number in the dropdown menu next to MIB Version.

Note: MIB Versions correspond to the version number of the mag+ app and mag+ Reviewer. Selecting a MIB version higher than is supported by a particular app or Reviewer will result in some interactive features not working properly.

8. (Optional) If you have a mag+ Reviewer device configured, select it from the drop-down menu and click on the button "Review All".

You can read how to connect a mag+ Reviewer device in the article "Configuring Your mag+ Tools".

Note: The mag+ Reviewer app must be running on your device in order to receive a push from the mag+ Production Tool.

9. Click on the "Create MIB" button to generate an Issue MIB that can be uploaded to the mag+ Publish Portal.

Issue MIBs are created in the Issue folder you have selected in the mag+ Production Tool. The MIB will have a filename that is a combination of the Brand, Issue ID, and revision number. It will also have the filename extension of ".mib".


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