Quick Start - Publishing - Next Steps

Publishing a mag+ Issue involves uploading an Issue MIB to the mag+ Production Portal. Prior to this, however, a few items need to be in place. Read the steps below for an overview of what to do next.

1. Sign up for a mag+ Publish License Package at


You will need to click on a price tier button in order to send an e-mail to our sales department and set-up a payment method. After your account is in order, you will be able to login to the mag+ Publish Portal.

Note: It is always free to download the latest mag+ tools and experiment with creating content prior to signing up for a mag+ Publish License Package.

In addition to the above pricing plans, mag+ offers custom license to match your unique business requirements. It offers complete flexibility to personalize your app and select the appropriate features and services that are right fit for your entreprise.

2. Set-up your desired app market accounts.

There are three app markets mag+ supports:

Note: mag+ also supports distributing apps that are internal to a company (such as marketing material, training material, and sales enablement tools). You will, however, need to sign up for the marketplace associated with the devices your company uses in order to distribute content.

3. Explore the mag+ Documentation Knowledge Base to learn how to publish your apps.

Explore the Mag+ Documentation Knowledge Base to learn how to publish your apps.

The full process of publishing your mag+ Issues can be reviewed by reading the section "Creating & Managing Your App".

The following resources are also available to you:

  • The mag+ Support site: Read about new releases, announcements, contact our support staff or explore our documentation if you are encounter any problems.
  • The mag+ Quick Start Guide: A quick walk through of the process of installing and configuring the tools, creating, building, and publishing your apps.
  • The User forums: Communicate with other mag+ users for advice, tips & tricks, or simply to be part of the mag+ community.

Now go have fun developing your mobile apps!


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