4.4 Release: November 19, 2013

Today we’re announcing the Mag+ 4.4 update.
We recommend updating your iOS app and plug-in/production tool to the 4.4 version to take advantage of these features and fixes. As always, do not publish a 4.4. MIB until your 4.4 app is approved and live. The next release, 5.0, will be in early Februrary.
In this release:
  • CC compatibility: There’s now a plug-in that will work with InDesign CC, the latest version of InDesign. OSX only available in 64-bit; Windows both 32-bit and 64-bit Get it at our downloads page. 
  • PDF Converter Tool: When you install the 4.4 plug-in, you’ll get a new script that automates the conversion of PDF files into Mag+ InDesign files and, optionally, into exported verticals. This is useful for converting back issues or old sales materials that don’t make sense to custom design. Because you get a folder of InDesign docs, you can easily go back and swap out a page with something custom designed, or add links or movies to one of the pages. You can also add features like zoom or pan to the pages. Check out this support article to learn more.
  • Clicking the Mag+ logo in the About screen takes you to Mag+ Support page.
  • Added ability to script functionality to convert a regular block to a slideshow.
  • Fixed bug that pushes A-main tower content or B-Layer content above or below the inner top margin.


Production Tool

  • Chosen issue is saved between sessions. This means that if you’re working on an issue and then exit the app, the app will remember what issue you were working on and then resume where you left off.
  • It is now possible to unassign several verticals in the Wall view. This means that you can drag multiple verticals shown in the Wall view back to the clipboard.
  • Fixes a bug where the option “Long press for menu” was not saved when exporting. Production Tool now saves that state when exporting.  
iOS app
  • Fixed bug with auto-play video, in which videos would not play when the user swiped to the vertical containing an auto-play video. 
  • Made adjustment so that the app will attempt to flush the cache every time you jump to a new vertical. This should improve the loading speed of the target vertical and reduce crashing in memory-intensive verticals. There may still be images that are actively referenced that the app doesn’t force evict from the cache.
  • Added ability to create jump links on verticals targeting specific objects on the overlay vertical. This enables, for example, creating a menu on the overlay that scrolls up or down, by linking to an A layer object. 
  • Omniture video tracking now enabled. Note that you must enable video tracking with your Omniture representative before you will see it tracked in your SiteCatalyst.
  • Localytics issue filters will now combine all MIBs associated with that issue into one choice in the filter.
  • Update Flurry SDK to 4.2.4. One effect is that page views are now reported more quickly in iOS7 apps. 
  • Update of AppBoy SDK from 2.1.1 to 2.2.1, enabling these new features

There are no new features in the Android app, as we are about to unveil a whole new Android codebase in our next release. This will bring much faster and more stable performance, as well as greater feature parity with iOS.  

The next release will be our 5.0 release in early February. This will be a big release with a number of new features, including a whole new Android code base, a redesigned Store/Library interface for Android and iOS with more flexibility, a redesigned UI for the Production Tool, new third-party marketing and analytics tools and more! 


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