4.3 update: Sep 4th, 2013

We're announcing today the release of Mag+ version 4.3. This is a minor update that contains a couple of new features and some bug fixes and SDK updates affecting the plug-in, production tool and the iOS app. It also contains the Appboy service we announced a couple of weeks ago for iOS.  
  • You can now choose to have embedded HTML elements open in the in-app Safari browser, rather than in the inline web window. Just use the new link type, HTML Window. Read more here.
  • You can now activate an action, such as a movie, audio file or popup, on the overlay using a hotspot on the vertical underneath. (You can also do the opposite and trigger an action on a vertical from a hotspot on the overlay.) Read more here.
  • You can now place an image in an ad block that will show when the device is offline and no ad can be served. Read more here.
  • Objects on the B layer will now be ordered exactly as they appear in InDesign.
  • Fixed two finger swipe section navigation.
  • Bonjour support has now been added to the production tool.
  • A default brand has been set in production tool that can be used if you don’t want to set a specific brand.
  • The preview view in production tool can now be horizontally scrolled using a trackpad.
  • Production tool should now be noticeably faster and use less processing power due to optimizations.
  • Fix for HTML URLs getting distorted when using Multi-Device Export.
  • Hidden blocks are no longer exported from the plug-in.
  • Update 3rd party SDKs to latest available version:
    • Appboy 2.0.4
    • Tapjoy 9.1.1
    • Omniture 3.2
    • Flurry 4.2.3
    • Google Admob 6.5.0
iOS7 NOTE: The expected release of iOS7 is mid-Septemeber. Your current Mag+ apps will continue to function on iOS7. However, we recommend updating to this 4.3 update prior to iOS7's release as it contains a fix to a potential entitlement problem (the 4.2.2 update also contained this fix), as well as other fixes making it more stable on iOS7 than previous versions and updated third-party SDKs. Our next release, 5.0, will not be until later this fall.


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