4.2.1 iOS App and Reviewer live: June 19, 2013, 6am EDT

The iOS reviewer is updated and all new new app builds as of June 19 will have the following fixes:

Apps and reviewer:
– Slideshows still transition even while dragging content
– Improved ability to show offline content in HTML boxes if user is offline
– Fix for modally presented movies
– Modal web browsers to always have navigation controls
– Live Window allows External Browser
– Fix potential crash when scrolling quickly past a movie block
– Fix stuttering animation when using a jump link
– Modal popups now wait for existing popups to close before opening
– Fix auto-start media triggering when rotating device
– Fix tower snapping when device is face up
– Keep page indicator up if the user quickly changes from the scrubber thumbnails to knob
– Ensure that a media item is played when the player and item are both ready
– Playlist will only play playlist tracks via its play button or remote (earphones, multitasking tray play button)
– Stop sound effects when exiting the app
– Remove badging when app becomes active, was foreground so first launch didn't clear it
– Fixed content migration for brands upgrading from 3.1 to 4.2.x 
– Entitlements are refreshed after 5 minutes
– Subscription purchases can be disabled for Subscription API logged in user 


New features:
– If you create a dual layout vertical with only one orientation created, the device will display the orientation lock icon when rotated to other orientation


Specific to the Reviewer:

– Will no longer load last read issue when launching Reviewer (solves case where last MIB crashed on load, putting you in a loop)
– Overlay verticals can now be reviewed alone from Production Tool (will place gray background behind it) 
– Push Library thumbnail cells respect the aspect ratio when scaling
– Fix to open Support menu item properly
– Ensure the Now Reading issue is closed when pushing a new one
– Close Now Reading when hitting Delete All in the Push Library


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