Patches included in the 4.2 release


iOS reviewer/app:

  • Fixes delay between loops for repeating media.
  • Updated several third party frameworks to their latest version.
  • Fixes repeating media randomly pausing after playing for a long time.
  • Fixes an issue where updating directly from 3.1 to 4.1+ could make existing issues unreadable.
  • Media blocks (audio/video) now only trigger when their vertical is focused (occupies more than half the screen).
  • Media blocks with auto-start enabled will now start/stop based on the focused vertical, rather than being visible or not.
  • Scrubber thumbnails should now all display correctly with the proper aspect ratio.


Android reviewer/app

  • Fullscreen Video is now actually fullscreen, and has a black background instead of gray. 


Plugin/ production tool

  • Popup blocks can now set Vertical Pinning.
  • Enabling 'Compact Verticals' for both Auto and Portrait orientations.
  • Only exporting the Add to Playlist flag if type is Audio.
  • Adding dual layout support for thumbnails.
  • Optimizing thumbnail support for 4.0 and later MIBs. Should reduce MIB size.
  • Adding Multi Device Export support for multiple linked frames inside of groups.



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