4.1.2 Plug-in update: Mar 22

On Friday, March 22, the plug-in installers on Magplus.com were updated to version 4.1.2. To update, download and run the new installer, being sure to delete the existing Production Tool first. Here are the bugs addressed in this update: 

  • Fixed problem with panned images being scaled improperly when 'Downscale Using Photoshop' is checked. Applicable on Full Review and Export only.
  • Templates have been updated with new properties, to fix the language, composer, and text direction being set to Arabic.
  • Fixed permissions problem when running the Production Tool on the Macintosh when installing Android/Kindle Fire device support. 
  • Fixed problem with Multi Device Export for blocks on the pinning layer.
  • Fixed problems with the device ID for the new Kindle Fire HD devices in the vertical script object.
  • Fixed problem with the Object Panel. The Hotspot property did not correctly show the 'Display in:' property when first opened.
  • Added additional properties to the PDF block script object.
  • Added support for scriptable xmp meta data. This property is on the vertical script object. It's an xml blob which can set up a file info panel data. 
  • Updated the Multi Device Export script to copy the xmp meta data when creating new verticals.
  • The Production Tool now exports the 'section-name' property.


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