4.1.2 iOS Reader app released: March 1, 8am EST

We have pushed a new minor version update to the build server the morning of March 1, meaning all new iOS builds will be version 4.1.2. We have also submitted an update to the iOS Reviewer to Apple—we hope that will be live next week. Here is a list of the bugs addressed in this release:

• Fixed a bug that caused incompatibility with iOS 5.1
• Fix for flickering radio group popups by waiting to hide the layer until the new layer is in place
• Fix for bug where MIBs with Compact Verticals checked in Production Tool would crop wrongly, and show the bookmark icon in the wrong spot.
• Fixed a bug that caused jump links not to work properly in dual layout verticals.
• Fix for the B layer being cut off when the A layer had pinning to top and the device was in landscape orientation
• Fix jump links to new vertical not scrolling to the object, especially with dual layout verticals
• Only display the toolbar (top bar) if there are any items in the toolbar
• Disable teeth and the vertical page number counter when the issue navigation is set to Jump Links Only
• Fixed opening MIBs from Dropbox and URLs in email (Reviewer only)
• Remove the tiled background on unloaded images, going back to the v4.0 behavior where only white is displayed while images load  


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