4.1.1 Plug-In Update Released: Feb 27

As of 8am EST Feb 27, the downloads page at magplus.com will deliver the 4.1.1 plug-in in the installer. Please update your plug-in by running the new installer. Here are the bugs addressed:

  • Fixing the MIB version when exporting a vertical with a popup. Was always set to 4.1, even though Min. Mib had a lower setting.
  • Modified the Multi Device Export script so that the User Interaction level is preserved. A new MultiExport.jsxbin is included in the Mag+ plugins directory.
  • Adding additional error checking when creating preferences files. Fixes a crash if the user's app could not generate the preferences xml file. 
  • Fixing crasher when exporting zoomed blocks on the A layer with fractional zoom levels (ie, 125%).
  • Updating to LibPNG 1.5.14 on the Mac.
  • Fixing png export crash with pan active.
  • Adding scripting support for PDF object types.
  • Scripting updates to the block properties, now can be set on page items which were created via the scripting dom.
  • Zoomed blocks were skewed on Full Review/Export when downscaling with Photoshop - fixed.
  • Updating Kindle Fire HD 7 - CS5.5 template, changed default language from Arabic to US: English on new Android CS6 templates.
  • Updating block property scripting and pdf support.
  • Added Devices folder to uninstaller on Windows.
If you download this and need to revert to a back version, you can get to the original 4.1 plug-in here


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    Ajwan Arouje

    Thanks for the updated version.


    Ajwan Arouje

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