4.1 Known Bugs

The following are known 4.1 bugs and their statuses as of 3/1/13 at 8am EST.

We have released an update to the iOS reader code for new app builds on 3/1. You can see the full release note here. The 4.1.2 Reviewer update has been submitted to Apple; we expect it to go live next week.

We released a 4.1.1 plug-in update 8am EST, Feb 27. You can download it now at magplus.com

The 4.1.1 iOS Reviewer update went live on 2/21/13. 

Known bug in iOS Reviewer 4.1.1

  • MIBs downloaded in Safari (via a Dropbox link, for instance) will not open in the Reviewer. 
    This will be fixed in 4.1.2 Reviewer. Workaround: Copy the dropbox URL from the email and paste it into the URL field in the Reviewer under User Settings. That will download the issue directly to the library. 
    OR you can use the Simple MIB Pusher

Known bugs in 4.1 - fixed:

  • Verticals that include popups will only export as version 4.1 (even if assigned a different version number in the plugin).
    Fixed in plug-in version 4.1.1.
  • Control Images assigned to audio files are not working.
    Fixed for new app builds as of Feb 15; fixed in 4.1.1 reviewer. 
  • If the device is rotated while popups are activated, the app may crash. 
    Fixed for new app builds as of Feb 15; fixed in 4.1.1 reviewer.
  • Kindle 8.9 MIBs cannot be uploaded to Publish. 
    Will be fixed in an update to Publish Thursday, Feb 28. 
  • URLs used to open store, library and other menus in the app are not working. URLS that look like internal://<content>[/<sub-type>]/<identifier>.
  • Fixed in apps built as of Feb 19. Will be fixed in 4.1.2 Reviewer. 
  • Tapping left and right does not turn pages. 
    FIxed on new builds as of Feb 21. Will be fixed in 4.1.2 reviewer.
  • Kindle HD 7 template for CS5.5 has wrong guide placement. 
    Fxed in 4.1.1 plug-in update.
  • Multi-device export to iPhone templates in CS6 and CS5.5 can introduce errors in target documents.
    Fixed in 4.1.1 plug-in update.
  • Exporting via Photoshop with fullscreen images with zoom active can produce errors in the exported files. 
    Fixed in 4.1.1 plug-in update.
  • Need to upload multiple Help MIBs for each unique Kindle Fire device.
    Option available in Publish as of Feb 20. 
Remaining known bugs in 4.1
  • Popup video does not show controls while playing.
    We switched to a new media player in 4.1 for better performance, but lost controls. We are investigating to see if we can bring them back.
  • Transparency in HTML blocks in pre-4.1 MIBs is not respected in 4.1 apps.
    Still investigating this one. At the moment we only see this happening to HTML blocks that have a fill color in InDesign. A quick fix is to set the fill color to transparent.

If any of these items affect your app, you can revert to the 4.0.4 version of the toolset here. If you have already updated your Reviewer app, it is not possible to revert to a previous version. Instead, you can review using the 4.0.4 iOS Simulator, which can be downloaded here. If you see additional bugs in 4.1, please let us know in the dedicated 4.1 forum. You can also download the 4.1.1 reviewer iOS simulator app here. We'll fix things as fast as we can!


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