4.0.3 iOS Reviewer App update

Version 4.0.3 of the reviewer app released in Apple AppStore Novembre 13th 2012.
Changes since 4.0.2:
- Table of Contents internal links are fixed "/vertical_ID"
- A layer will always be as tall as the screen at a minimum
- Better memory handling, especially with HTML blocks
- Clean up interface when playing a media file directly in a web view and there is no <title> tag to display
- Improved handling of image cache specifically for iPad 1 devices
- Properly open "fast" loading video in popup
- Better support for iTunes links inside the app
- Fixes to control images
- Interactive content properly takes precedence over navigation borders
- Streaming audio support in the playlist
- Better support for storing and restoring web view caches
- Support for internal URLs inside e.g. HTML objects


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