4.0.1 Plug-in Update: Oct 26

As of October 26, we have posted an update to the 4.0 plug-in, it is version 4.0.1 to address some issues that have arisen since the release of 4.0. To take advantage of this, simply download the installers from Magplus.com and reinstall, deleting your old version first. You can continue to create 4.0 MIBs. Here are the changes:

Minor enhancements to the Multi Export UI. The current device is no longer selected, or selectable for a multi-device export. The Keep Open 'O' checkbox is disabled for the current device. The Export Vertical 'V' checkbox is however still enabled for the current device.

Fixed an error finding the issue folder for the current vertical when exporting a multi device export with the current devices Export Vertical 'V' checkbox checked.

Adding special image handling code for CS6. Due to an Adobe bug in InDesign CS6 with image export, an extra pixel can appear on the right or bottom of images. This is the 'white line' bug.

Fixing a bug where the 'Initially Visible' flag could be on when exporting a Modal popup. Modal popups are not allowed to be initially visible in the app.

Fixing a bug where the 'Add Close Box' flag could be on when exporting a Standard popup. Standard popups are not allowed to have a close box in the app. Though the app never drew a close box in this case.

Fixed the display in the panel when the 'Initially Visible' checkbox is disabled when a Modal type popup is selected. It now shows its proper 'checked' state even when grayed out.

Fixed the display in the panel when the 'Add Close Box' checkbox is disabled when a Standard type popup is selected. It now shows its proper 'checked' state even when grayed out.

Adding additional progress bar messages when exporting or reviewing a Mib. On slow wifi connections the export dialog can appear slow, what really occurs is the dialog is still open and 'waiting' while sending the review Mib to the review device. Progress msg now indicates this.

Made fixes to a couple of the device templates.

Numerous scripting model updates.

Adding the ability to script the current review device, the review device list, the Bonjour device list, Refresh the bonjour device list, and add/remove review devices.

Script export events are now on the document as opposed to the application as before. A magplus export will now always export the document making the call.

Sample scripts updated. See the Mag+ folder in the Scripts panel.

MagPlusServer plugin updates

Fixing a crash in InDesign when sending a review to the iOS reviewer and the review is closed before receiving the entire review file.

Making the MagPlus.log file 1mb maximum

Minor speed improvements in panel, eliminating unnecessary copies.

Multi Device Export is now scriptable.

Logging level is now set to 0 to make panel loading faster.

Fixes export problem with streaming movies. Items with the URL setting failed.

Removing more of the logging code, it's now mostly in Debug builds only.

Updating the FolderExport.jsx script to include the new devices for 4.0.

Updated MultiDeviceExport.jsx to work with the InDesign Server build of the plugin.

Enabled the result dialog for the MultiDeviceExport script. Gives a table of what was exported and where.

Special handling for Mag+ swatch names (255white, 000black) when the IColorData is missing from the IRenderingObject. This should ensure the background color is set properly on blocks and slides etc if the color space can't be found.

Fixed a problem where the swatch names don't load properly for each document. Previously if the color data was missing the iteration of the swatch name list was aborted. It now continues and will load swatches with color data.

Adding some more Bonjour support. The new iOS reviewers now return the device type of the device they are running on. This device type is now displayed in the tooltip along with the ip address of the bonjour device name.

Adding missing iPhone 5 templates to the Windows installers.

The 3 button events for Add Link, Movie, Audio were not setting the return value properly. This is fixed.

Adding scripting methods for Add Link, Add Movie, Add Audio, to the Magplus Block Object. 

Updated the MagPlusPageItems.jsx sample script with example for using these events.

Fixing bug with multi-export for path names containing characters not in the latin-1 character set. 3 Swedish letters for now.





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