4.0 iOS Reader App bug fixes, as of Oct 17

The following bug fixes and updates have been incorporated as of Oct 17 and will be reflected in any iOS app builds done from that day. If your app was built before and exhibits any of these bugs, build and submit an update. A new reviewer app with these fixes is being submitted and will be released as 4.0.3 as soon as it is approved by Apple.

  • Handle autostart for all media types.
  • Video media defined as popup shown in popup, not fullscreen.
  • Properly handle redirects to special URLs, such as redirecting to App Store.
  • Correction to TOC layout on iPad with B-layer.
  • Slide indicator layout fix.
  • Fix for orientation locked iPhone apps on iOS 6.
  • More opaque rotation lock view, to avoid confusion with modal dimming view.
  • Proper error message for corrupt MIB files.
  • Improved memory handling.
  • Web view caches stored on iOS 5.
  • Reduced iCloud backup size.
  • Allow for streamed audio files in Playlist, with available meta data.
  • No link highlights will show on any iPad app.
  • The main menu top bar height is defined as the max height of the bar background OR logo image. That is, you can upload only a logo and still expand the bar height.
  • Fixed an issue where cover images could fail to load when launching directly into reviewer library.
  • Fixed a potential crash when closing issues with playlists.
  • Media control image correctly update on both pause and stop.
  • Added Localytics session support for subscription status and issues.
  • Fixed a crash when transferring a MIB to reviewer with direct URL from User Settings.


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