4.0.2 iOS Reviewer App update - as of Oct 11th

As of Oct 11, there is an update to the iOS Reviewer app in the iTunes store that addresses the following bugs:

  • External links marked as "open in external" opens in Safari directly.
  • More robust handling of both escaped and unescaped URLs (those with % in the URL) in MIB files.
  • Fixes to layer scrolling when jump links targets blocks on other layer.
  • Fixed a potential crash for jump links to an unexacting target block.
  • Can load and display MIB files of file version 0.94 and later.
    • Versions before 1.0 may have incorrect pinning and alignment.
    • Versions before 2.0 do not have thumbnail images.
  • Improvements to Bonjour registration (for automatically finding the Reviewer from the plug-in).
  • Respect issue orientation lock set from Production tool.


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    Slawomir Szymanski

    So why is this version suddenly closing after typing in a URL in User Setting, that worked in 4.01? I triple-checked the spelling and tested with different mib-files. All the same. Reviewer just closing, doesn't say anything.... Disaster... After the stable 3.5 you cannot be shure of anything. I'm sorry, I have the client presentation NOW and it just stopped working. Thank you.

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    Hi Slawomir - 

    What do you mean by "closed"? It's crashing the Reviewer or just closing the issue? If you paste the URL, then go to Library, you should see the MIB there. We've tested this on multiple devices here and it is still working. 

    As an alternative to get you through the client presentation, you can also just click the link from an email or web page (or dropbox) to get the MIB to open.

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    Slawomir Szymanski

    Hi Mike,

    Yes indeed. It works as email attachment – it loads and opens in Reviewer. Fine. But if you type the URL directly into the URL field in User Settings, the Reviewer closes and you see the iPad desktop – I don’t know if that means crash or just closing the application or whatever else. It just doesn’t download anything to the Library. Again – exactly this same procedure works with 4.0.1. Ah, and the button Enable Push Service is on of course

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    Amy Ball

    I am having the same issue as Slawomir. When I type in the URL directly into the URL field in User Settings the app crashes. I am using version 4.0.2 and iOS6.

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    Hi all - We're investigating this now, but as stated in the support article below, that field is really for server-based downloads in which the URL has payload data with it, like http://magplus.com/demo-mibs. If you need to open a straight Dropbox share URL, you can just click it from an email, web site (both will download the file through the browser and then give you the option to open it in the Mag+ Reviewer) or through the Dropbox app itself (just hit the Share button after the file downloads for the Open in Reviewer option).


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