4.0 iOS Reader App bug fixes, as of Oct 2

The following bug fixes were implemented in the 4.0 Reader App since Sept 26. If your app exhibits any of these bugs, you can rebuild your app and submit an update. 
  • External links marked as "open in external" opens in Safari directly.
  • More robust handling of both escaped and unescaped URLs in MIB files.
  • Fixes to layer scrolling when jump links targets blocks on other layer.
  • Fixed a potential crash for jump links to an unexacting target block.
  • Can load and display MIB files of file version 0.94 and later.
    • Versions before 1.0 may have incorrect pinning and alignment.
    • Versions before 2.0 do not have thumbnail images.
  • Display unpublished issues in Library for registered test devices.
  • Remove issues and downloaded data for issues removed from Publish.
  • Improvements to Bonjour registration.
  • Long descriptions in Store and Library properly wraps around buttons and progress indicator.
  • Active subscription date format is forced tot he same locale/language as the application is currently using, not the system locale selected by the user.
  • The background audio player is now an option in Publish (as Apple will reject any app that allows for this but does not have an issue file with audio that uses it—if you select this option in Publish, make sure your initial issue has audio in the playlist).
  • Less local cache data is included in application backup.
    • To avoid Apple reviews rejections citing use of iCloud.
    • This means the user may get an empty Store and Library when updating iOS from iTunes, requiring the user to restore purchases.
  • Respect issue orientation lock set from Production tool.


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